Griffin 3-Lug Coupler Assembly

Griffin 3-Lug -Multi

Drop in 3-Lug Assembly for the Griffin Revolution 9 or 45 Silencers.


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Drop in 3-Lug Assembly for the Griffin Revolution 9 or 45 Silencers.

  • Product Description

    This assembly is designed to drop into Griffin Revolution pistol silencers or the Griffin Optimus, and allow the silencer to interface with a 3-lug muzzle. This is the ultimate way to attach your suppressor to a large variety of host guns!

    Things to be aware of:

    • There are two standard sized HK patterned 3-lug systems: 9mm and .40/10mm. 
    • The 9mm system has a smaller diameter and neither are cross compatible to the other system. 
    • Make sure you buy the correct size mount for your host firearm (if you don't know which one you need, give us a call!). 
    • The 9mm coupler will fit inside of the Revolution 45 for use on 9mm platforms. 
      • Do not buy the .40/10mm coupler for your Revolution 9. 
      • The Revo 9 does not support any of the calibers that use the larger diameter mounts.

    These Couplers will run on any standard HK patterned 3-lug barrel as well as the Griffin 3-Lug muzzle devices.

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    Manufacturer Griffin Armament
    Warranty Lifetime Warranty
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