Mil-Comm Suppressor X Cleaning Solvent

MIL-COMM 53681

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    Mil-Comm SUPPRESSORX® is a next-generation cleaning product engineered to simplify the cleaning and maintenance of firearm suppressors, barrel extensions and other gun parts with unique, microbial, biodegradable active agents safe for personal use and safe for the environment.  The can is very similar to most spray on sunscreens where the liquid is held inside a bag that and positive pressure is applied between the can and bag.  This allows for a sputter free aplication that insures you'll get the last drop out of it... at any angle!

    Made in the USA by MIL-COMM, a leading supplier of metal treatment compounds and cleaners for the U.S. military and global defense forces.  Many of you trigger pullers in government employ will recognize their name from their very popular TW25B gun grease that is a time tested and battle proven lube.

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