Not Available - Crux Archangel 762

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NOTE: Crux Silencers and accessories are not currently available from the manufacturer. As such, we have disabled the ability to order or join a waitlist for them at this time. We will update this page as more information becomes available. Flagship silencers often equate to suppressor gold. When a manufacturer keeps first-run cans in circulation for an extended period, you know those units are top-of-the-line. For the pioneering Crux Suppressors team, their large bore Archangel model represents a pillar in its category. If in the market for a .30cal silencer, look no further. Deep in the heart of Texas, Crux Suppressors churns out high... Read More
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Manufacturer Crux
Weight 14 oz
Min 762 Barrel 7
Min Magnum Barrel 12
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