CAT 206 Titanium & Inconel Cleaning Solution

CAT 206
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    Type: Synthetic Safe Acid
    Composition: Proprietary / Trade Secret
    Material: Titanium & Inconel Only. Strictly not for use on other metals.
    Size: 1 Quart
    Description: Single Use Product. For use on specialized suppressor metals – Titanium & Inconel Alloys Only. Do not pre-clean or use other solvents or CLPs on suppressor before cleaning with CAT206, as this product is laboratory engineered to work exclusively against carbon, and other cleaning products may diminish the reaction between CAT206 and carbon residues. CAT206 is not a degreaser or weapon cleaning product.
    Cleaning Cycle: Routine cleaning with CAT206 is strongly advised, with a recommended submersion time of three (3) hours. Suppressors with rounds in-excess of 2000 rounds between cleanings may require a twelve (12) hour submersion for optimal performance. After cleaning, wash suppressor completely with clean water and do not use until fully dry (use of compressor, hairdryer or significant air-drying time is recommended).

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