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Bowers VERS 458



When it comes to suppressing big bore calibers, like the .458 SOCOM, it's tempting to go for a one-suppressor-does-it-all solution.  Unfortunately, the all-in-one solutions start running into issues as the bore size gets bigger:

  1. In order to effectively suppress a big bore caliber, like the .458 SOCOM, .45-70,  etc...; a suppressor needs quite a bit of volume.  Do-it-all models run small because nobody wants to run a suppressor that is big enough for a .458 on their AR15. :)
  2. At Silencer Shop, we spend a lot of time talking about versatility vs efficiency - but these big bore suppressors are an extreme case.  In essence, when the bore size diverges too far from the caliber being suppressed - it becomes less and less effective.

As a result, a do-it-all solution ends up being too small for a large bore caliber, while the bore is too large for the smaller calibers.

If you want to effectively suppress your .458 SOCOM (or other big bore caliber - like the .45-70 or .450 Bushmaster), then the Bowers VERS 458 should be at the top of your list!

The VERS 458 was designed specifically for the .458 SOCOM round in all loadings - and is rated to pass a .460 projectile that is running at 2650 FPS and below.  There are also no minimum barrel length restrictions for use on 458 rifles.

  • It is 11.25” overall and 1 ¾” diameter.
  • It is strong and light, weighing approximately 23 oz. (varying depending on the selected insert).
  • The standard finish is tumbled black anodizing. A pink anodized tube is available at the same price.
  • The baffle stack is entirely stainless steel.
  • Keep in mind that this can is still perfectly useful on a .45 subgun as well.
  • This suppressor is suitable for use with any of the 24 Versadapt™ inserts. The most common for actual .458 Socom use are Vers 5/8 X 24 and Vers 5/8 X 32.
  • It is rated to pass .460 diameter bullets and for velocities up to 2650 Feet Per Second.


What are the critics saying?

Modern Rifleman spent a couple of weeks with the VERS 458 and VERS 50, click here to read his review!

Lone Star Boars hunts with the VERS 458 and does a ballistic gel test, click here to watch the video!

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  • Specifications

    Specification Information

    Caliber Rating .22 LR, .22 MAG, .300 BLK, .357 Mag, .38 Special, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .458 SOCOM, 10mm, 5.7x28 FN, 6.8mm, 7.62 x39 (subsonic), 9mm
    Color Black
    Length 11.25"
    Diameter 1.75"
    Weight 23.2 oz
    Finish Black Anodized
    Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
    Manufacturer Bowers
    Build Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel



    2 Reviews For Bowers VERS 458

    • Brandon7/12/2016

      I just finished a .450 BM build for a AR-15 sbr with a 7.5 barrel to be a "Michigan pistol" able to be used in limited firearm zones (shotgun zones). As one can imagine a .450 BM out of a 7.5 inch barrel sounds like a cannon was just lit off. In fact the range master would make me inform fellow shooters at the range before I could start firing. It was that bad. This Bowers VERS 458 is nothing short of what it claimed to be. Very solid piece of hardware. It took this unruly rifle/pistol from a mule kicking, fire breathing, extremely loud package to a soft controlled recoil and next to no muzzle blast. All I get is supersonic crack and a hearing safe package outdoors. With the amount of volume it has I didn't even have to do any gas adjustments to the rifle. In my opinion it is one of the only reasonable solutions for a big bore AR period.

    • Mack2/28/2016

      This is not my first silencer, and I was not familiar with this brand, but there were few options for a 458 silencer on the market when I made this purchase, so I took a chance with the Bowers Vers 458 silencer for my 450 Bushmaster.

      After waiting for the Vers 458 to get parole, I took it home and found that it had a slight rattle. Generally, things that have bullets go through them should not rattle, right? I was dissatisfied, to say the least. I contacted Bowers via email, and within an hour, Tom Bowers, the owner, called me directly and first assured me there wasn't a safety concern and offered to fix the issue and reimburse me for expedited shipping and insurance. He explained that there may have been a slight misalignment in the press-fitting problem and it could be easily fixed

      From that phone call I had a fixed suppressor in my hand within a week. Absolutely stellar customer service, I would not hesitate to buy another product from Bowers and I found them very easy to deal with. So, buy with confidence that you will have top-notch service from Bowers.

      The suppressor seems quite heavy duty, and has some heft to it. A large expansion chamber followed by a series of notched baffles that appear to be solid stainless steel. It is a sealed unit from the user's perspective.

      Now, once I placed the suppressor on my 450 Bushmaster AR-15 with a 16 inch barrel, I was also quite satisfied. With factory Hornady ammo and supersonic handloads, it was hearing safe outdoors no problem and borderline hearing safe in a stall indoors. For semi-auto shooting, the suppressor got hot, but not too hot to touch after a dozen rounds.

      Since the 450 Bushmaster has a horrible ballistic coefficient and is supersonic, you will never have it as quiet as a suppressed 300 BLK or 22 LR, but this would make hog hunting MUCH more pleasant for the shooter. If I get around to working up some subsonic loads, might make it very quiet.

      Buy with confidence from Bowers, they make a quality product and have excellent customer service.

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    Bowers VERS 458


    Specifically made for the .458 Socom round in all loadings.  It is also suited for any .460 projectile at or under 2650FPS.

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