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Griffin Armament Optimus




Griffin is including $200 worth of coupons with this silencer model from 3/10/17 until promo ends (Date TBD).  The coupons will be a physical paper coupon included in the box and is redeemable only through Griffin Armament.  The credit will apply to select accessories on their site.  The coupon is not usable on silencershop.com.  Here is the release from Griffin:

All Silencers (excluding rimfire) Currently Shipping from Griffin Armament from 3/10/2017 onward until close of promotion (TBD) include two $100.00 coupons which can be redeemed by sending them in to the address listed on the coupon. The end user will then get a coupon code for $200 of store credit emailed to the email they provided. This store credit is valid only at www.GriffinArmament.com and applies to select muzzle devices and silencer accessories. Silencer boxes containing coupons are sealed with a gold seal. MakeSilencers Great Again!

Silencer Shop is honoring this promotion for any backorder/preorder placed after 3/10/17 until the promotion ends!

Many in the silencer industry will tell you that there is only so much you can do with a baffle stack inside of a metal tube.  They will say that innovation in the industry is at a stalemate, that there is nothing new to bring to market.  They are wrong.

Griffin Armament has created a tradition for itself in recent years by being first-to-market with revolutionary concepts packed into quality products at a great value.  The Optimus is the culmination of their efforts to date (though we are still expecting great things out of this company!).

The Optimus ships with a number of bells and whistles.  Here is the breakdown:

  • Serialized tube containing 5 removable baffles
  • Pistol booster (Nielsen Device) with one piston
  • 9mm (.38”) and 5.56mm (.22”) End Caps
  • Interior “Retaining” Cap
  • Taper Mount “Rifle Extension Tube”
  • Rifle Blast Baffle
  • Griffin Taper Mount Minimalist Brake 5/8x24
  • Shim Kit

It is also compatible with the following Griffin Mounting solutions. Sold separately.

  • Revolution 3 Lug Coupler Assembly
  • Revolution 3 Lug Adapters
  • Taper Mount Direct Thread Adapter
  • Revolution Fixed Barrel Adapter

By changing out mounting hardware and endcaps, the Optimus can be configured to shoot many different calibers on a wide variety of hosts.  It is rated (in full size configuration) to .300 WinMag and will work on any lesser rifle round.  Drop a 3-lug coupler or Revolution Fixed Barrel Adapter onto it in the short configuration and you can still run it on 5.56 or .300 BLK (these calibers obviously also work in the full size as well).  Drop the booster system into it and you are ready to rock on any 9mm semi-auto handgun.  Since it is also user-serviceable, you can run it on rimfire hosts as well!  Direct thread, Taper Mount or 3-lug; the Optimus will work in either large or small configurations on any rimfire caliber host platform.

Griffin Optimus

What are the Critics Saying?


Specification Information

Caliber Rating .17 Mach2, .17 HMR, .22 Hornet, .22 LR, .22 MAG, .22 WMR, .300 BLK, 5.45x39mm, 5.7x28 FN, 6.8mm, 9mm, 5.56mm (.223), 7.62mm (.30 Caliber - up to .300WM)
Color Black
Diameter 1.375"
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer Griffin Armament
Build Material 17-4 Stainless Steel

Full Size Configuration

Length: 9.4"

Weight: 18.5oz

Short Configuration (with Booster Assy.)

Length: 6.6" 

Weight: 14oz 




9 Reviews For Griffin Armament Optimus

  • Jason1/18/2017

    Application was received by the ATF and the check was cashed on 4/29/2016.
    Stamp was sent to my dealer 01/17/17.
    I have not had the chance to really review my thoughts on it yet.
    Tested it on my XDM 9mm and 8" 300 AAC AR.
    Back Pressure is higher then i was expecting on the AR but this is the first silencer i have used on this caliber so i really cannot rate it.
    Sound would be unfair for me to rate as well. I can say my ears felt it but it did not make them ring. 300 AAC and 9mm i would compare to a nail gun.

  • Chris12/21/2016

    This was my first suppressor purchase, initially thought it to be my last unless the HPA passed, so wanted to make my tax stamp stretch as far as possible. This (with the separate purchase of some parts) fills all my suppression needs in one box, .22LR pistol, 9mm pistol, 5.56 rifle, and the future 308 and 300 blackout toys I've yet to commit on. It's not the quietest, nor the lightest, but it is darn good for the size and weight and versatility. I personally like the fact it's shorter than your typical 9mm can, and the smaller diameter is welcome to SBRs using it under a smaller handguard. Like mentioned it is possible for it to come apart at the extension, though mine requires a wrench to separate. Thankfully the ACR handguard comes off with a single pin so that wouldn't be an issue with me. Documentation was a little light, no mention I saw of lubing the booster piston as it was shipped dry, while it caused a few malfunctions until I did. A little google search later solved that issue for me, but as a new pistol suppressor user it would be nice to have known that before trying to diagnose why a brand new can turned my pistol into a jam fest.

    Now the cons: I had delusions on how awesome it is to have a suppressor do everything. Swapping configurations is easy but not really something that you want to do at the range. Way less so when it's hot. So realistically if it's shot as a rifle config, it's gonna stay in rifle config until it cools, you're not going to be going from rifle to pistol to rifle in one sitting. Pretty much shatters the "one can for all toys" dream. Not a deal breaker, but good to be realistic and just say it's gonna stay in whatever config it started the day in, all day. Also, wrench flats on the main body would make removing the rifle extension a lot easier, so add a strap wrench to your range bag, I make due with a very large wrench on the extension and two hands on the main body, but it's not easy after getting it all dirty.

    On a related note for 5.56 users, the titanium minimal brake is awesome, small and light, and not much more expensive than the standard mount. I personally think the mid-size is worth the cost and the best config for 308 and below use.

  • Dylan7/31/2016

    Ordered through a trust with Silencer Shop 12-18-15
    Check cashed 2-1-16
    Stamp arrived 7-26-16
    As stated with others it comes with a 5/8x24. So if you want to put it on an AR type gun that has 1/2x28 thread, have buy that separately. After my order was placed i gone ahead an ordered 2 muzzle breaks. One for Ar and one for Ak. So i was ready for use as soon as suppressor comes in. Suppressors main host is on an Areo Precision 5.56 SBR 10.5" barrel. The Optimus does good to me. Its my first one so i dont have anything to compare to. I can shoot it on my sbr with no plugs on. Its STILL loud no doubt but thats the standard bullet breaking the sound barrier. That was expected. Still very pleasing to shoot vs no suppressor. About to get into sub-sonic stuff soon. One thing i wanted to do was a suppressor under rail look. Love the look! But i had doubts it wouldn't do right BECAUSE.... the Optimus unscrews on the rear for different applications. I have the minimalist blast shield for it. I "HAD" a 12" rail on 10.5 barrel. I trimmed rail down so that the minimalist blast shield stuck out slightly to be able to grab it. So sure enough when i was done shooting (not many) went to unscrew the optimus an it came apart at the rear part of it and not from the muzzle break. If not for me cutting rail down i would have had to remove the rail first. So if your looking for the suppressor under rail configuration think about what i just mentioned. Mine is still under the rail but only the blast shield part of the optimus. Still looks good and doesnt weight much! All in all i like it and glad i bought it. Works good on the AK as well. Soon to matted to a pistol. This optimus to so versatile. There are trade offs to that. But i think its worth it. Griffin did good on this one. And thanks to Silencer Shop for there great customer service and web site. Keep it up !!

  • Richard 7/7/2016

    Picked mine up on 7-5-16. All I can say is if you don't have the Griffin Optimus get one. One can for everything.

  • Jason Y.5/26/2016

    5 Stars because customer service, from Griffin Armament, was very fast and very informative.

    So if you want to shoot .223 out of a 16" barrel, you can use the 'short configuration' with 'direct thread adapter' at a rate of fire for "Sporting Use Only" which means 10rds of slow fire then the silencer must be left to cool to ambient temperature. The Taper Mount configurations are designed for centerfire rifle and is a much more durable set up, though not full auto rated.

    In order to use the 'Taper Mount Configuration' with the typical .223 barrel, you will need to purchase a 'taper mount muzzle break or flash suppressor' threaded for 1/2x28. The one that comes with the 'kit' is for the typical 30 caliber threads.

    In the 'Taper Mount Configuration', they recommend 40-60 rds rapid fire then 1 round per second for ~30rds. Then cool the silencer to ambient temperature.

    SO ADD: $85 for direct thread adapter and $85 for taper mount break in 1/2x28

  • Jason Y.5/20/2016

    So here is a little breakdown, for everyone sitting patiently...

    I ordered through a trust, I purchased through Silencer Shop.

    12/1 - Purchased, on backorder
    12/8 - Back in stock and s/n assigned
    12/10 - Sent to ATF
    1/8 - Stamp check cashed
    2/11 - Form 3 approved and shipped to my FFL
    5/12 - Stamp approved
    5/19 - Stamp arrived at ffl and I picked up

    Here is a vital tip. This kit does not come with a direct thread adapter, so you can attach it to a fixed barrel rifle/pistol in 1/2x28 thread. You cannot use the piston assembly for non-fixed barrels. This means you need to also purchase the Revolution Fixed Mount ($85).

    So if you want to attached it to your AR15 or 9mm pistol carbine (like I do), you have to buy the fixed mount adapter. The kit comes with the mount for pistols and taper mount kit for 30 caliber rifles (5/8x24 thread).

    You can also get a Revolution Fixed Barrel Spacer ($30), instead, and use it in place of the spring, on the nielsen device. It's only rated for 300blk subsonic though. However, if you're shooting 30 caliber, you have to use the taper mount anyways... It's just more of a hassle cause you have to take apart the piston assembly every time you switch, rather than just unscrew it and screw on the direct thread mount.

    Honestly, they should have just increased the cost a bit and included the direct thread mount.

    4 stars for the disappointment that I have to wait for the mount to come in and I can't go shoot it right away... and for the mount and/or spacer costing so much, when they know people will need it.

  • WIMMPYIII3/15/2016

    I ordered it on Feb 17 and it was filled March 15.
    I will update or add a new review once it is in hand and tested.

  • Outlaw3/8/2016

    When someone has info please write it up and tell us how this baby does. I am dying to get one but I would like some user reviews for info.


  • TooTech1/2/2016

    Don't have my Optimus in hand yet, but I wanted to tell everyone that backorders are being filled at SS. My backorder, which was placed on 12/10/15, was filled 12/28/15 and I received an email from SS with my serial number.

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Griffin Armament Optimus

SKU: Griffin GAOPT

The most adaptable silencer we have ever seen!

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