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Form 4 Tax Stamp

Form 4 Tax Stamp

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If you are making a silencer purchase from a "Powered By" dealer, you will need to include a tax stamp for each silencer on your order.

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If you are purchasing a silencer from a "Powered By" dealer, you will also need to purchase a tax stamp for each silencer. This is the payment for the $200 registration fee charged by the BATFE.  We take payment for this by credit card and will write our own check - on your behalf - to the ATF so that we can track its progress through their system and see when it is cashed (we will notify you when this happens).  This also helps us to be proactive with tracking any submission errors as we keep a real-time record of how fast the turnaround time is for the ATF to cash checks.  If your submission fall outside of the norm, rest assured that we have already noticed and have contacted the ATF or resubmitted another transfer aplication.

In addition, if this is the first purchase you have made through Powered By (or have never made a previous Silencer Shop Direct purchase), we will collect your trust or corporation documents and registration info from you.  This can all be done remotely via: website upload, email, fax or mail.  Shortly after your order, you will receive the customary confirmation email that will have instructions for how this information can be submitted and once you have done it, we will keep it on file for future orders.  All you need to do the next time is throw your suppressor and tax stamp in the cart and hit checkout.  We will send your paperwork in automatically!

If you are using a standard "Buy-It-Local" dealer, you will not need to purchase this service from us. You will however, either need to pay your dealer or write your own check/money order to the BATFE for $200.  Each dealer has his or her own prefference for how this is done and you will need to discuss it with them when you get ready to fill out your trust/corporation/individual paperwork.  Their contact information will be supplied to you at the time of purchase or can be found on our Dealer Locator page.


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