YHM Universal Pistol Adapters

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Adapters for use with the YHM Cobra M2

Adapters for use with the YHM Cobra M2

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    These universal adapters allow the use of YHM's Cobra M2 Silencer on a wide variety of popular handguns. Made from heat treated stainless steel and bead blast finished. Available in a variety of thread sizes to fit your firearm.

    SilencerShop Note

    YHM took a different approach than other manufacturers with their Cobra thread adapters.  Instead of having to replace the entire piston, you buy a simple insert that threads into the end of the piston.  Since all calibers of the Cobra M2 suppressor use the same outer threads for the adapter, it's easy to shoot your larger caliber Cobra suppresser with a smaller caliber weapon.  (For example, a .45 can on a 9mm pistol.)

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    Manufacturer Yankee Hill Machine
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