Submit Your Fingerprints  

To learn more about the available options to submit your ATF-required fingerprints, please read the below information.

(Using your local SID Kiosk is recommended for quickest processing.)


Via SID Kiosk

1.  Locate kiosk within designated dealer’s storefront

2.  Tap touchscreen to begin process

3.  There are 3 ways to log into the SID Kiosk

    • Log into your Silencer Shop website account if you already have one
    • Scan the QR code that you received from us (or your dealer) after you placed the order
    • Register as a "Guest"
      • While not reccomended, you can supply your email/phone number at the kiosk and receive a QR code instantly

4.  Follow onscreen prompts/instructions to submit fingerprints, signature and personal information for secure upload 

Important Notes:

  • Each person listed on trust will receive their own UNIQUE QR code via email/text message to submit registration information and fingerprints at kiosk once Grantor/Settlor has registered them as Trustees/Responsible Persons
  • If you are not transfering a silencer through the dealer whos kiosk you are using, there may be a fee (not to exceed $40) for using the kiosk
    • If the kiosk is located in the same store that you are using to transfer the silencer, there is no fee to use the kiosk
  • On a trust each person listed as a trustee needs to be added as a responsible person
  • Each person may also choose to use their own UNIQUE Silencer Shop username and password to log in to the kiosk in lieu of QR code
  • Completing demographic information while at kiosk for ALL parties is highly recommended

(Otherwise, you must personally contact us to complete your transaction)

Via Regular Mail

Option to purchase fingerprint packet through our website:

  1. You may purchase fingerprint cards from us by clicking here
  2. Fingerprint packets do include instructions

Option to purchase fingerprint packet through a third party:

  1. If submitting physical fingerprint cards, please mail them here
  2. Include order number, email address, and phone number for ALL persons submitting fingerprints