July 13, 2016, is a date which will forever live in suppressor lore. On that Wednesday, the much-discussed ATF 41F rule goes into effect, kick-starting a new process for suppressor ownership approval. Because we’ve known this industry-wide change became a reality in early January, we at Silencer Shop embraced the challenge and viewed it as an opportunity to apply technology to the system in a manner that was unavailable before ATF 41F’s enactment.41F Silencer Shop Kiosks Therefore, good news is on the horizon! Instead of wallowing in disapproval, we devised a plan to make the impending new registration process as simple and painless as possible for our valued customers. (Seriously, we love you all.) Next month, 300 Secure Identification Documentation (SID) kiosks will be unveiled nationwide to help streamline and assist the fingerprint, photograph, and paperwork submission procedures associated with cans. In the long run, we believe this new process will make the steps for NFA purchases even less complicated because these units will securely gather and store information across the country. Where exactly will the SID kiosks be located, you ask? We specifically pinpointed Powered By Silencer Shop dealerships in each state suppressors are legal, so hopefully this added convenience benefits you throughout your registration. (Stay tuned for more information regarding the list of dealers.) In addition, the number of participating local dealerships will increase over time, so be on the lookout for the one closest to you! In the meantime, don’t forget to take advantage of our 41F Guarantee. It’s still doable! Since we’re firearm fanatics and suppressor supporters just like you, Silencer Shop strives to make the purchase and ownership of these products as easy and expedient as the government allows. With the implementation of the SID kiosks, we look toward the future and welcome obstacles such as ATF 41F to keep our wits about us. For updates, please continue to follow our social media feeds (e.g., Twitter: @SilencerShop, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) and monitor our website (SilencerShop.com). We’ll definitely keep you apprised of all progress and newsworthy tidbits, and we thank you for your unrelenting support… We’re in this together.   On a side note, the S.I.D. Kiosks do not currently shoot laser beams out of the camera port... We are working on that though.