MODTAC Suppressor Shield with Universal Rail Attach Coupler (U-RAC) AR-15 Height

MODTAC 18B-004.AR15-multi
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    The Suppressor Shield with Universal Rail Attach Coupler (U-RAC), is designed to provide unparalleled performance and protection for, and from, your suppressor. 

    Extensively tested and endorsed by multiple federal and local agencies, this cutting-edge design combines an optimized air gap, efficient venting, and low thermal transfer materials for a staggering 60% reduction in both maximum outer surface temperature and suppressor cool-down time, without trapping heat when compared to traditional fabric-style suppressor covers.

    Crafted with a carbon fiber outer hull, Suppressor Shields are both impact and heat resistant, capable of withstanding suppressor temperatures exceeding 1200°F for short periods of time. This durability ensures reliable performance even in the harshest battlefield conditions.


    • Aluminum hardware provides a strong, light coupler.

     Attaching Mechanism

    • Free-float
    • 1/4 turn, quick attach/detach Suppressor Shield
    • Recoil proof design


    • Air gap provides air circulation around suppressor.
    • Vents are placed to minimize mirage and maximize air flow.
    • Free-float design reduces heat transfer from suppressor to Suppressor Shield.


    • High Temperature resin will withstand suppressor temperatures of up to 1,200°F for short periods of time.
    • Filament wound carbon fiber provides unparalleled rigidity/strength to weight ratio.
    • Carbon Fiber possesses a low thermal transfer rate, protecting the operator and equipment.
    • Cerakote coating provides a long-lasting, durable surface.
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