About Griffin Armament  

Founded by two brothers who are combat veterans from Operation Iraqi Freedom, Griffin Armament has created a wide-range of firearm products that have helped shape the business. With industry origins since 2005, their innovative designs come to fruition in Wales, WI.

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In 2006, Griffin Armament made a resounding entrance into the suppressor arena by introducing their rimfire Checkmate QD can. At that time, the Checkmate was the only QD rimfire silencer on the market. Impressively, a Checkmate suppressor has been in production contiguously from then to present day.

Following that success, 2007 saw the cutting-edge minds at Griffin begin development of 5.56 and .30 caliber silencers at the request of U.S. Army infantry units in Afghanistan, most notably the Griffin Armament Spartan (latest version is the Spartan 3). When the military trusts such a product, it’s an unmatched honor (and the ultimate compliment) in this industry.

In subsequent years, Griffin developed and launched their M4SD QD silencer for A2 application; their line of competitive muzzle devices; and their M4SD-II and RSTA suppressors. Suffice it to say, these guys enjoy staying busy!

Another monumental moment in the company’s history came in 2012, when the team developed their Taper Mount System, and the Recce and Precision Hunter (.330Mag and .338LM) lines of cans. A mere year later, Griffin invented the first modular silencers (Revolution series: 9 and 45), utilizing their Return to Zero baffle technology. Showing their versatility in the firearm industry, they have also designed and manufactured a bevy of accessories, sights, carbines, rails, and parts.

In 2014, the forward-thinking group introduced their QD A2 mount blast shield to the market—the first in a wave of similar suppressor mount-compatible devices to follow. The next year, among other noteworthy products, Griffin released the patent-pending high efficiency, dual purpose (HEDP) baffle system, which provides unmatched versatility. Speaking of, the Optimus and Alpha cans are sure to soon set their respective suppressor categories on fire. Versatility defined.

If their history’s any indication, we have a hunch that 2016 will be yet another huge year for Griffin Armament… Stay tuned!