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    ***If you purchase our Transfer Form 1 service (found within your Silencer Shop Portal), you will not need to purchase these fingerprints separately as they will be included in that service.*** 

    Please note that if you do not complete your Form 1 through Silencer Shop's Form 1 service within your Silencer Shop Portal, the ATF will provide you a 10 day window to submit your fingerprints. We cannot provide EFP's (electronic fingerprint cards).

    The Silencer Shop “Completed Fingerprint Cards” includes a set of completed FD-258 Fingerprint cards (2). These are the required type of cards for many government forms including, but not limited to, an ATF Form 1. If you are registering/manufacturing your own NFA firearm you need to first file a Form 1 and these are the cards for you! 

    Special note: These fingerprint cards are required to ship to the physical registration address that we have on file for you. Also, we can only send you fingerprint cards if we have your fingerprints on file. Make sure you visited a Silencer Shop Kiosk first or your cards will be pretty empty.

    For help locating a Silencer Shop kiosk head Here

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