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Silencer Shop Direct

Silencer Shop Direct

Until now, purchasing a silencer online meant jumping through hoops that seemed designed to make the experience as inconvenient as possible. At Silencer Shop, we work hard to simplify the buying & registration process; but, for non-Texas customers, we don’t have a lot of control once the silencer ships to the local FFL/SOT (i.e. Class 3) license holder handling the transfer.

Over the last year, we’ve developed a method that allows customers from any state where suppressors are legal to purchase direct without the hassle, wasted time, or expenses that are typically associated with NFA transfers.

silencer shop direct

This new program is referred to as Silencer Shop Direct, and it makes the buying and registration process easier, faster, less expensive, and more consistent for everybody – regardless of what state you live in!

How does Silencer Shop Direct work?

It’s actually very easy using either a trust or corporation:

  1. Purchase the suppressor directly from our website or over the phone. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have when picking out a suppressor, and we’re happy to help!
  2. Pay the $200 NFA tax. Most people just add this into the initial order; but, it can be purchased a bit later if you prefer – and a credit or debit card works just fine. (Remember that we can’t start your Form 4 transfer until the tax stamp has been purchased.)
  3. We’ll email you instructions on how to provide us a copy of your trust (typically email or fax works best). If you’re registering using a corporation, we only need the legal name.

That’s it! We’ll take care of getting everything reviewed and submitted electronically right away.

Once your Form 4 transfer has been approved by the NFA Branch, we’ll let you know right away - and you can simply pick up your suppressor from a local FFL/SOT1 that we have contracted with.

With this program, we will take care of 100% of the NFA process for you. There is no need to pay any additional transfer fees – and you don’t have to worry about locating a local FFL/SOT1 to handle the transfer.

We review and submit more NFA Forms than anybody in the country; so, you can rest assured that your application will be right before it goes to the NFA Branch. In fact, we’re so confident in this promise, that we’re willing to completely refund the Silencer Shop Direct fee if your electronic application is not approved on the first submission2.

Whether you’re a seasoned NFA expert, or a first-time buyer, we think you’ll find Silencer Shop Direct to be the easiest & fastest way possible to by a silencer!

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1. We will attempt to locate an FFL/SOT to handle the transfer within a 75 mile radius of you. If we can’t locate anybody within that range, we’ll let you know – and will work with you directly to get your transfer going as quickly as possible.

2. This refund applies to mistakes over oversights in our review process – we’re promising that the paperwork we submit to the NFA Branch will be correct. It does not apply if invalid or incorrect information is provided to us, or to any denial(s) caused by external factors.

The easiest way to buy silencers online, period.