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ATF Wait Times

These statistics are auto-generated from our most recent approvals

Even though it’s impossible to know exactly how long ATF wait times will be in the future, the best indicator is typically to look at what’s currently being approved.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking at these numbers:

1) We track every transfer from the time it is submitted up until the approval is received. If you’ve called the NFA Branch and gotten a ‘Pending Date’, that isn’t taken into account with these numbers.

In other words, this tracks the time it takes from the point where an application was dropped into the mail or submitted electronically, right up to the point where the envelope with the tax stamp is opened.

We also track the check being cashed for paper forms; but, that is no longer an important metric for electronic submissions, so we’re not publishing it here.

2) NFA examiners are no longer assigned by state; and, with e-Forms, it’s even likely that multiple submissions going in at the same time will not go to the same examiner. Because of this change, the metrics are no longer as state specific as they were previously.

3) Since we generate so many transfers (both Form 3′s and Form 4′s), this data should be indicative of the times seen across the country. We’re also taking into account the Form 4 approvals from other states that were submitted using Silencer Shop Direct - which increases the nationwide accuracy even more.

4) This information is based on approvals we’ve received over the last few days, and is updated daily. If there is an item with no data, that means no forms of that type were approved during the time span we’re sampling.

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