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AAC Titan-QD

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AAC Titan-QD

SKU: AAC 102058
AAC’s top-of- the-line TiTAN-QD raises the bar.

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Building upon the groundbreaking design of the original TITAN silencer, AAC’s top-of- the-line TiTAN-QD raises the bar even further with a 90-tooth Ratchet-Mount™ and titanium construction that drops its weight by almost 50%. The TiTAN-QD features our patent-pending monolithic Hyposone™ baffle module and is assembled via fully CNC automated fusion welding. The TiTAN-QD has been tested and selected by some of our nation’s most demanding end users and was recently selected as the silencer for the Army’s XM2010 sniper rifle.

More Information

View FileTitan QD Manual    Size: (848.17 KB)
View FileTitan QD Ammo Guidelines    Size: (539.94 KB)

Specification Information

Caliber .338 LM
Weight 20 oz
Length Length 10"
Length Added 8.4"
Finish Gun-Kote
Manufacturer AAC
Build Material Titanium



1 Reviews For AAC Titan-QD

  • Ian5/14/2014

    I purchased this after looking for a suppressor for a DMR. Although this is not recommended for semi-automatic use, I do not fire a huge volume of rounds in a short period through my precision AR 308, and considering this thing can withstand a .338, .308 generates far less energy and heat in the suppressor. With the volume of this can, I do not have any issues of over gassing, as many cans on 1.5" (even longer models) do on gas guns. Accuracy increase is outstanding, as well as the suppression level, which virtually eliminates any sign of the concussion of the gunshot. It is noticeably quieter than other dedicated 30 cal suppressors I have heard even with the bore so large, because of the volume of the suppressor. The thud of the bullet hitting the dirt backdrop is more noticeable than the report. This suppressor is outstanding all around and was well worth the price tag for a suppressor so versatile, well built and capable. Thank you Silencer Shop and AAC.

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