VDI Threaded Glock Barrels

VDI's match grade threaded Glock barrels are finally here!
VooDoo Innovations (VDI) has finally released their line of threaded match grade Glock barrels! The VDI Barrel has been machined to a much tighter tolerance than the OEM barrel to maximize the accuracy of your Glock without the need of a gunsmith fitting. These barrels are truly drop in replacements for your factory rig. A SAAMI spec 9mm chambering and match grade lands & grooves rifling also mean that the shooter can utilize cast bullets that the factory rifling will not allow.  The barrels are made from 416R stainless steel and finished in VooDoo Innovations "LifeCoat" process (a mix of melonite and PVD) making it one of the tough... Read More
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Bulk N/A
MAAD Module N/A
Choke Kit N/A
Make/Model/Thread N/A
Saker Front Cap N/A
SD Mount Style N/A
TM Mount Style N/A
Omega Front Cap N/A
Barrel Length N/A
Shirt Design No


  • VDI AA FGAV -Multi-Glock 17 - 1/2x28
    VDI AA FGAV -Multi-Glock 17 - 1/2x28
    VDI AA FGAV -Multi-Glock 19 - 1/2x28
    VDI AA FGAV -Multi-Glock 19 - 1/2x28
    VDI AA FGAV -Multi-Glock 21 - .578x28
    VDI AA FGAV -Multi-Glock 21 - .578x28
  • AAC Ti-Rant 9M
    AAC Ti-Rant 9M
  • Total Price $744.00
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