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Great! Thank you so much Katie. I was nervous about this whole process, since I've only ever dealt with my NFA/firearm transactions face-to-face, but you have really helped make this whole process easy and smooth. I really appreciate it. Best,
- Brice


That makes sense. Thanks for the quick info. You guys make this so easy.
- Matt


Well thats great news!! Thank you guys very much for a pleasant and expeditious silencer buying experience! Sincerely,
- Kelly


... thanks for response - so quick too, that's why I'm buying with you guys.
- Jim


Hello guys, I just want to say thank you for all that you have assisted me with, for my suppressor and your dedication to your customers! The updates are very informative and I just want to say thanks! It's not just about the sale for you all! The whole process from adding to the cart and now has been extremely pleasant!... Thanks again for everything and you now have another lifetime customer!!!
- Erik


Roy, Thanks for the information and quick reply. My FFL dealer recommended your site for purchasing a silencer and now I know why… Regards,
- Wade


Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service! My first visit on the recommendation of my son who I believe is a repeat customer. I will be back! Best regards
- Tom


Awesome! Too easy. LOL. Thank you for your time. It really is an easy process. Thanks, Brian
- Brian


I just want to tell you all how amazing this experience has been. I was skeptical about how easy it could actually be to order a suppressor online and I can officially say that you all provide an exceptional service. I will certainly be buying more from you in the future.
- Kyle


Hey guys I really appreciate everything this is my first NFA item but will not be the last can I buy from y'all. You guys have this process simplified down to an art! Every step of this process has been streamlined and made easy and not quite so "intimidating" in the next couple months I plan in buying a aac m4-2000 for the colt mk18 I just purchased and rest assured I will be calling y'all. Even if your prices weren't the cheapest (which they are) I would still buy from y'all for the plain and simple fact that your customer service is unmatched anywhere I've shopped.
- Silencer Shop Customer


I would like to say I very much appreciate your approach to education on buying a suppressor. I have been a hunter and competitive shooter all my life but this is my first venture into this NFA stuff. I am very knowledgeable on guns, reloading, ballistics, long range and tactical shooting but I am clueless on this stuff. I have seen the same sort of elitist behavior from competitive shooters to new guys that are starting in competition shooting that you mentioned. I can't understand it but it happens. So thank you for being so helpful.
- Silencer Shop Customer


This was my first suppressor purchase and you guys were great to work with. I really appreciate being kept in the loop the entire time, with email updates regarding status. I will absolutely be purchasing from you again. Your prices are fantastic and the service is great. Please keep up the good work. Now can you guys please get a YHM 7.62 Phantom Titanium in stock? I'm ready to make another purchase!
- Silencer Shop Customer


Your quality and service is without a doubt, head and shoulders above the competition! Just the other day, I spoke to a representative; whom was not only very knowledgeable but courteous! That is very rare in today's business's. I will personally wait for you have the can in stock, that I desire; before ordering from someone else! That speaks volumes to your commitment for customer satisfaction. I am now a lifelong customer, considering I just ordered three cans and now contemplating another!! Keep up the excellent service.
- Jeremy M.


Thanks for the awesome service. I just got a sticker and a silencer removal tool in the mail yesterday that I had no idea you guys were sending me, and I just wanted to say thanks. You guys are a top notch company to deal with and you guys will have all my future business and any one I can send your way I will. I cannot say enough how great your customer service was. Any time I sent an email I received a reply within 5 mins. and my questions were always answered. Thanks you guys so much for making my first suppressor purchase a breeze. Thanks.
- John I.


Thanks for the info. Like most, I read all the testimonials on your site so I won’t keep beating that drum except to say, Thank You. I personally think people appreciate your organization so much for many reasons, not the least of which is because you and your family are just nice people. That leads to great customer service and positive outcomes. Dave, that is really rare in the fast paced environment of firearm related sales these day. I have purchased 7 suppressors so far, the last 3 of which were from you. The first 4 were honestly, not at all what I wanted. After 4 mistakes and literally thousands of dollars wasted, I’m on the right path. Now I see your site. Its clean and easy to navigate. Your inventory is clear. You carry all the best stuff. You offer tons of information, videos, and product specifications. And, you discount almost everything !! And to top it off, your customer service is second to none. Seriously, you have no competition in the market right now... None.
- Silencer Shop Customer


Thanks for making this so easy!
- Alfredo


Hello Roy, I went and did the paperwork on this one last night. I appreciate your help as well as Dave's help with this one and wanted to let you know. It is service like this that keeps me coming back and is the reason I put in an order for an Osprey just a few days ago. Thanks again. Best.
- Trent


Thank you..It has proven to be consistently enjoyable dealing with The SilencerShop. As I indicated to Roy earlier this am, if I find myself purchasing NFA item out of my State, it will always be with Silencer Shop. thx again.
- Marvis


Hi Paul :-) You guys have the best customer service - two thumbs up. Thank you :-)
- Sung


Paul from your shop just called and I placed my order for a Surefire 762SOCOM-RC, SWR Spectre II, and a SWR Octane 45. You guys rock! Thanks again.
- Janson


Just wanted to let you know i got everything filled out, signed, and sent off. so i guess the waiting game begins. but really i just wanted to say that i appreciate you guys making all the necessary paperwork easy to understand and helping me navigate through it very easily. I'm not quite sure i could have done the whole process on my own correctly. I'm just glad you have a business that does what it says it will do and really comes through with it. i really appreciate you making the process very easy for the average Joe. keep up the good work! i will forever be a customer.
- Silencer Shop Customer


Silencer Shop has some of the best customer service I've ever received. I couldn't have been happier, truly. Every step of the way I was informed with what was happening with the process, and if I ever had any questions, you all were there with all the answers. Thanks for the incredible service and professionalism. If anyone needs a suppressor, or has questions about them, there is only once place to point them - to Silencer Shop!
- Silencer Shop Customer


Excellent. This is why I will deal with you. EXCELLENT customer service is hard to come by these days. I am setting up my trust (when I can find one reasonable) and plan on purchasing with 4 weeks. Thanks again.
- Alan


Thank you very much, your customer service is outstanding!
- Thomas


Thanks for your help in making this an easy process. A friend of mine, should be contacting you in the next week or so to do the same transaction we did today.
- Mark


Thanx. Your customer service is wonderful. I realize that this is over and beyond.
- David


I received my Spectre II today and was very surprised by the included removal tool you all threw in. That is extremely generous of you! I couldn't be happier with my experience with Silencer Shop and will only purchase from you now on. Thanks again.
- Neil


Nothing but big kudos for Silencer Shop. They helped me find someone in my state to do the transfer. The serial numbers were assigned and e-mailed to me that day. The dealer to dealer transfer was initiated that day. When I called about 6 weeks later to see if I could change the muzzle brake to a flash hider, it wasn't an issue and the credit to my account (the flash hider was cheaper) was posted to my account that day. I was informed when the dealer to dealer transfer had been approved and was sent the tracking info for the package so I would know when it got to my local FFL. These folks are first class all the way. Awesome prices and even better service. If anyone reads this and is thinking about using Silencer Shop...DO IT...you will not be disappointed. Thanks again guys...
- Silencer Shop Customer


Was on Ar15 the other day and someone asked for a place to buy a silencer online. You guys got about 15 recommendations in a row, I don't remember anyone else even mentioned. Keep up the good work and tell my 2 silencers in jail I said "hi".
- Jim


Thank you for your patience Roy and great input on the purchases...especially the payment process and multiple cards. :)
- Eric


Showing 121-150 of 326 results

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