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Silencer Shop Testimonials

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Thanks for making this so simple even I could get it done! :) I picked up the silencer yesterday and, since I spent the past 6 months putting 51T muzzle breaks/flash suppressors on anything with a barrel, I was shooting quietly in seconds! Thanks again,
- Ski


Thanks! You are fast and thorough. Everyone at your company has consistently provided top notch customer support.
- John


Yes sir, thank you! I really appreciate all of your help your process is fantastic, it's helped me get into NFA items that I have ended up really having fun with!!
- Michael


Thank you very much. I love your service.
- James


You guys are first rate! Thank You
- David


Gents, I received my Harvester and want to tell you "well done and well organized". You've made it simple for someone interested enough in a silencer to go through the acquisition process, to do so. Its a big deal and you handled it well.
- William


Thanks Roy. That's why I buy everything for you guys. Have a good day!
- Robert


Yippee !!! Thanks again for the awesome service.
- Shane


For so long I thought acquiring a silencer was, aside from the cost, a monumental pain in the rear. So I just wrote it off as something I would probably never do, even though I am retired and have “lots of time” Figured I’d just leave them to James Bond and Jack Bauer. ;-) You guys have made it a walk in the park, especially with an NFA Trust. Your customer service is absolutely the best.
- Bob


Wow, thanks…You're fast and I really appreciate it!
- Charlie


By the way, thanks so much. Your customer service, indeed your entire business operation, is nothing less than a model for others to follow.
- Larry


Thanks Chase! Fantastic service as always!
- Scott


Wow, you guys are fast. Truly excellent. I will definitely be ordering my next can from you guys -- this is MUCH easier than my previous suppressor purchase. Thanks again,
- Chris


I received my suppressor yesterday and used it this morning. Man, is it quiet! I am very happy with the SilencerCo Specter II. I highly recommend Silencer Shop to anyone buying a suppressor. The staff is very knowledgable and customer service is excellent. The entire process from establishment of the trust to receipt of the suppressor is made easy thanks to these guys. Thank you Silencer Shop!
- Jordan


Awesome! You guys provide a great unsurpassed customer services... Thank you!
- Jason


Thanks Paul, Your customer service is awesome. I'm planning on ordering another suppressor from you as soon as my budget allows :-)
- Mike


You guys are great at keeping people carefully and precisely informed about what's going on each step of the way. That means so much to those us waiting with such anticipation through a process made needlessly long by the government. From beginning to end, you've made the process of purchasing a suppressor simple and smooth - and I've found better prices nowhere. My congratulations to you, and many thanks,
- Larry


Hi guys, Thanks for making this process as painless as possible…Thanks for the support.
- Lara


Cool beans! I look forward to shooting through it. Thanks again, so much guys. You made it super easy, and as soon as I can I'll post a review with boucoup kudos for excellent customer service.
- Chris


You folks give wonderful customer service! It is much appreciated.
- Timothy


I appreciate the quick response. You guys are always friendly, helpful and prompt with customers. I just wanna let yall know that doesn't go unnoticed. I have been telling everyone I know that buying from yall is a no brainer.
- Chris


I have received it (awesome service BTW, thought I had to go pick up the paperwork from you, and it's so organized)... Thanks!
- Pete


Thank you Chase I really appreciate the help. You guys do great work, I appreciate you helping me get set up with my suppressors!
- Kyle


Forums are correct. You guys (and Gals) are the best when it comes to customer support. Thank you for simplifying the process.
- Keith


Thanks again. You guys have made this very easy so far and I won't hesitate to recommend you.
- Chet


Received [my suppressor] today you guys made this process very easy and it is much appreciated. I will be telling all my friends about y'all and thank you again.
- David


Chase, it was nice to speak with you today and take my order over the phone. I look forward to many more opportunities to order additional items!
- Dale


Hi Paul, I received my order in the mail yesterday. Both products are great! Additionally, I just wanted to let you know how awesome your customer service was. The entire experience was stress-free, seamless and incredibly responsive on your part. I will be pointing everyone I know to your business and if/when I make another purchase, I'll be looking your way first. Many thanks! Sincerely,
- Cory


It’s a pleasure dealing with an organization that responds quickly customer inquiries. I’ll be sure to pass that on to my associates that are considering purchasing the products and services you offer. Best regards,
- Silencer Shop Customer


Thanks. Great customer service from a good group of Texans has earned my suppressor business for sure!
- Dallas


Showing 91-120 of 326 results

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