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Silencer Shop Testimonials

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I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the employees at the Silencer Shop for all of their help in regards to pre-order questioning, a smooth purchase process, and the wealth of knowledge demonstrated when helping me trouble shoot new products. It is my experience that the Silencer Shop maintains a certain combination of knowledge and professionalism that is simply unmatched in the industry. I use suppressors in my Hog Patrol business, and simply put you have gained a customer for life. I cant thank you enough, and look forward to continue doing business in the future.
- Steven


Thanks so much! You guys have taken over the world.
- Rob


Thank you. The overall experience and communication has been fantastic. I appreciate what you guys do. Thank you again.
- Travis


Thanks again, I have recommended Silencer Shop to all of my gun buddies. You guys are great!
- Demetrius


Already very impressed with your company's customer service. Again thank you very much!
- Cody


I received the suppressor today. Thanks a lot for the extras. The Tactical Suppressor Removal Tool was a tool I didn’t know I needed, and now that I have it, I don’t think i could own one with out it. Plus, thanks for the QR code in the transferee’s box. Decoding it made my night. Pretty much a flawless transaction, and I appreciate the work you guys did to make it easy for the first timer. Silence is golden.
- Clancy


You guys absolutely ROCK! Thank you! STAY VERTICAL!
- Harold


You guys fricking rock!!!!!
- Captain Michael


I didn't realize you had switched your business model in recent months. Hard to imagine how much better the process could have been. I have never completed a multi-step online transaction any easier than you all made it.
- Tim


Thank you very much, just got my Saker last week from you and couldn't have been happier with the transaction.
- Kyle


Hello Roy. You guys are ALL AWESOME!. Blessings all around. Thanks again.
- Jeff


I really appreciate the communication and the professionalism you all display. Top Notch Customer Service.
- Casey


Wow, that was quick, and excellent! I have to say, when it comes to customer service you guys have been the best, from my first inquiring phone all all the way. We will be doing more business over the years I am certain.
- Jeff


Paul, Thank you so much! Awesome customer service! I'll be ordering more muzzle devices soon (and probably another can or two).
- Talbot


You went above and beyond and I appreciate your commitment to your customers! I will be sure to mention your great customer service to others as I "recruit" more suppressor owners. Wish I would've known about trusts when I applied for my original suppressor tax stamp but I will be sure to educate my friends about them. Thanks again!
- Linda


Thanks again for taking the time to answer all of my questions today. Your overall professionalism, excellent customer service, and institutional knowledge of all things silencer allowed me to make an informed decision regarding my recent purchase. I'll be sure to pass my favorable experience with Silencershop.com on to my friends and colleagues. Your prices are great as well, so I'll definitely choose your store again for future purchases. Now, I just hope that ATF can process my Tax Stamp some time before I retire.
- Shawn


Roy, Many thanks for your prompt and detailed response to my e-mail. I had no doubt that Silencer Shop would respond in a positive manner with a remedy for the issue described in my message. I am very pleased with my experience with Silencer Shop and more importantly, the excellent communications whenever I had a question or other request…I will be placing an order for another piston and muzzle device in the near future and will continue to make Silencer Shop one of my preferred suppliers. Again, my thanks for the excellent customer service.
- Jim


Couple friends of mine just bought their first suppressors (via trust) over the past few months and only last week were able to submit their form 4's to the ATF between waiting on Form 3's, shipping times, checks clearing, and actually being able to make it over to the FFL of their choosing to fill out the paperwork. Me? I decided to jump into it as well (also via trust) and called the same FFL, told him about what I wanted to purchase from SS, he was set up as a dealer in less than 24hrs, I ordered my suppressor a week later and everything was taken care of for me in 10 minutes form adding everything to the shopping cart to uploading my trust, etc. I gotta say I'm nothing but impressed and my buddies are quite jealous that we'll all most likely be getting our suppressors at the same time only mine will have taken far less of a wait. I'm impressed with the model so far. Thanks!
- anonymous


Thanks Paul. I so appreciate your genuine customer service. I am now understanding that this approval process would easily be quite overwhelming - and maybe intentionally intimidating for a reason. However, as your "tag-line" expresses so clearly, you have made the process of legally owning this type of product very simple and most importantly - trustworthy. Trust is the bedrock of all business and in short order, you have established it with me.
- Chris


I'm always impressed by the service I get from your Team. Thanks!
- Lou


I really appreciate your support in acquiring 7 suppressors over the last year. Not only did you make the buying process simple, the technical support provided was extremely helpful.
- Jarret


Sir I do greatly appreciate your time in answering my questions. When ever I talk about suppressors everyone points me in your direction. I can see why. Thanks again.
- Nick


Man you guys are good. Thanks!
- Jeremy


Thank you! You folks are so responsive. Much appreciated. Definitely breeds loyalty!
- Rob


Thank you. You guys are amazing!
- Noah


Will do Chase. Thanks for assisting me with the purchase. Everyone I know that has had interaction with you guys, including myself, had a great customer service experience. In the end, that is the main thing I care about in picking companies I really like going back to. I appreciate you walking me through the process and answering all my questions.
- Mike


Thank you sir. You are punctual and precise as always.
- Curtis


Your customer service is 2nd to none you guys ROCK and you have a customer for life!
- Bobby


Hello Silencer shop, I know you must be awfully busy- I shall try to keep this succinct. My first transaction with you was absolutely flawless in every way. I am at a loss to find an area of improvement. My physical transfer was with Randall Schwarb of Paragon Arms (through the Silencer Shop), and he was also exemplary in every way. Like yourself, he exceeded all expectations. I look forward to dealing with you both again. Thank you so much!
- Jeffrey


Great! Thanks for the heads up. I was skeptical about ordering a can online, but you have really made the process simple. You've created a repeat customer in me.
- Joey


Showing 61-90 of 326 results

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