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Silencer Shop Testimonials

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I just received a review request for Layman's gunship about my purchase from you. I submitted a review, and failed entirely to mention how pleased I was to do business with you. As unpleasant as the waiting period is, I sat in confidence that my paperwork was in order and merchandise on the way in due time. The first days and weeks can be a bit nerve wracking, but your communications provided transparency into the process, validation of my paperwork, and fully managed my expectations. I've recommended purchasing from you to my friends, and expect to give you future business directly. Thank you for your incredible service and fair pricing Silencer Shop.
- Tony


Makes sense. Everything looks perfect.... Your process is so quick.
- Rex


Excellent job!
- Becky


Everything I’ve heard about your customer service is true – you guys are great!
- Nick


Mrs. Laurie, you are amazing. So far, your company has lived up to it's reputation. I went through you to purchase my suppressor because the overwhelmingly positive feedback I have received from my colleagues and I have to say I am happy to do business with you.
- Shawn


Hey Sheri, Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am blown away at how simple you have made the process and how quickly you respond to emails!!! I will be using and ONLY using the Silencer Shop for all future purchases!
- Patrick


Thank you very much for accommodating this morning. You all make the entire process as easy and/or hassle-free as you claim it to be. Perhaps even more so. Thanks again!
- Ryan


Keep up the awesome work. I love your company and how whenever I email your team is always ready and willing to help out!
- Mike


This my first suppressor and did a lot of looking online before I bought one. Your website is by far the best one. Lots of information and user friendly.
- Oren


Thank you Chase. Your response time and thoroughness are great. FYI.. I have now started to use Silencer Shops very PERSONAL customer service as a standard by which to measure other companies that I deal with. Needless to say, Silencer Shop is second to None! Thank you again.
- Brandon


Hi Guys, Just wanted to say thank you for the fast service on my last two suppressor buys. They were delivered to my local dealer just as you said and everything went off without a hitch. I love the Gemtech Halo and One by the way.
- Bill


I just got the call and the stamp is in! I feel like a kid on Christmas. You guys have been awesome through the whole process and I would like to thank all of you at Silencershop. I will certainly recommend you to everyone I know. Cheers!
- Eric


Thank you for such an incredibly quick response. I have done a lot of business during these past 60 years as a shooter and your company really stands out as to the high degree of professionalism and service. During that time I served on the NRA BOD, Chair of USST and President of SCI and two of its chapters. So, I know the industry.
- Lawrence


I am enjoying buying from your shop infinitely more than from others. I had purchased a silencer from another website and I couldn't get them to answer the phone or email. So I canceled that order and ordered from you.
- Dave


Thanks Meredith. Great customer service. You guys definitely have my future business.
- Matt


I want to articulate that the program you all have in place is great, my suppressor sales have increased by 110%....
- T2 Tactical Firearms


Bravo sir! Since becoming a dealer with you guys our suppressor sales have had a great boost! Thank you to you and your team!!!
- Jeff


I just want you to know, your service is absolutely outstanding. I am massively impressed with you guys. You'll get more sales from me.
- Chris


I can’t begin to tell you what a good experience I had working with silencer shop. You guys were awesome every step of the way and you have perfected customer service on a transaction that takes several months to complete. Thank you!
- Blake


I really appreciate your quick response to the matter. This is why I have used SS for all of my silencer needs. Thanks for once again exceeding my expectations!
- Gregory


Merry Christmas, I love you guys. Thank you for the stellar customer service and making this ridiculous overly regulated process as painless and streamlined as it can be.
- David


You guys are TOP NOTCH with your service and customer support , I have purchased many cans from you guys and the process could not be any easier.
- Bob


Just placed our first order with you guys and I wanted to let you know it was an excellent experience. Perfect website layout, search features, and ordering process. Keep up the good work.
- Family 1st Pawn


I just picked up my Omega from Jeff at Hall's Firearms, and I wanted to pass along some positive feedback. Jeff was very patient for a rookie like me, and he was willing to answer all of my questions.... I couldn't have asked for a better experience, especially on my first suppressor purchase. To be honest, Silencer Shop made this a painless buying experience for a rookie like me. That hardest part was the wait! Thank you! Best regards,
- Nick


Thank you gentlemen. You are a class act.
- Ryan


Please pass my thanks along to Daniel who is fantastically patient, personable, knowledgeable and a real professional. I would highly recommend dealing with him.
- Ray


You guys are the best!!! I will always be a customer for this reason!
- Frank


I just wanted to take a minute of your time to thank you folks so very much. You made this process so easy, simple and worry free. I have several co-workers who have ordered through your company and they were the ones who recommended you. I am looking forward to ordering from you again in the near future. You are the true definition of customer satisfaction.
- David


Thanks! Prompt addressing my questions as always…I wanna say Silence rShop has been great with answering any questions I've had and I will def. consider ordering another silencer from you.
- Derek


Thank you for the awesome status updates. THAT in itself upgrades the user’s experience to IMPECCABLE. Thank you folks.
- Pierre


Showing 31-60 of 326 results

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