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Silencer Shop Testimonials

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I want to say "Thank you very much!!" for getting the items I needed in such an expedient manor! I am very impressed with your responsiveness! Thank you again!
- Jeff


Thanks for making all this easy! The order process for my two Harvesters was simple, and this was too. You guys rock.
- Jim


Thank you for your help, you guys kick ass.
- Mike


...Also your reps at the shop are very helpful and friendly, I will be sure to shop with y'all again! Thank you.
- James


Thanks Roy. I appreciate your quick response. Jim. Sometimes you sacrifice service for a better price, but that doesn't seem to be the case here...
- Silencer Shop Customer


Guys just a quick word. I got my new Liberty Mystic on Wednesday. We ate Thanksgiving dinner the next day and went hunting. My 14 year old was shooting a Ruger 77 .357 SBR with the Mystic on it. First round out of the new suppressor and two hogs down! Much to be thankful for, Silencershop is definitely on that list!
- Jeff


Thanks Roy! And thanks for the super fast response as well!
- Matt


I wanted to reach out and thank you guys for all the help I got on my first NFA purchase and the helpful info I got while out at TIFF last month...
- Justin


Excellent, that was fast. Thanks for being awesome!
- Sean


...that was way above expectations. You have a loyal customer for life and will make sure everyone knows about this situation and the upstanding customer service...
- Paul


I have to thank Mr. Chase for all his assistance with helping me with my purchase yesterday online, very informative and from what I can tell has schooled me a little on suppressors. I will highly recommend the Silencer Shop to my friends and others. Thank you.
- Steve


Hey, Roy- Thanks for your prompt and considerate response...Much appreciated!
- Dirk


I received both suppressors this afternoon...great surprise! Working with Silencer Shop has been a great experience! Every time I called in with questions before, during, and after my purchases, whoever answered the phone was always friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. Thanks to the ease of getting a trust established with your affordable solution, I finally pulled the trigger and then pulled it again; I couldn't be happier! I really appreciate the great communication along the way and at every step of the process; it was nice to be updated every time an update was available and never having to ask.
- Silencer Shop Customer


Thanks, Roy! I always enjoy working with you.
- Jim


Thanks Paul. Your customer service is second to none.
- Clint


Paul, Thanks again. I wish you guys would just start buying up the rest of the industry - it would be awesome to get this kind of customer service all the time...Merry Christmas to you and everyone else down there!
- John


Merry Christmas to you and everyone else at silencer shop. Over the weekend I was able to recommend yall to some family members and friends looking to buy their first suppressor. Everything has been very straight forward and easy to understand. Thanks again!
- Silencer Shop Customer


Thanks Roy. I'm going to call in right when I get back in town. I appreciate the great customer service. Will always buy from you guys for that reason. You will be getting my call soon.
- James


Excellent ! Thank you. This is my very first suppressor and so I wasn't familiar with the details of the process. Thanks for educating me and for all of the great customer support ! Can't tell you how glad I am to have purchased through you all as opposed to a local place. Happy new year!
- A


Good day! I am writing to confirm my receipt and fulfillment of my order consisting of three suppressors. I received the suppressors on Friday, 2 January 2015 after nearly five months. Thank you so much for assisting me with this project! Your assistance with walking me through the process and you diligence in keeping me informed was above reproach. I was so pumped up today after shooting my .300 Blackout bolt rifle with the AAC 762 SD! The experience of shooting a high powered rifle with only the sound of an air rifle had me on cloud 9! Thanks again for all your help!
- Silencer Shop Customer


This is my 12th suppressor purchased from Silencer Shop and I want to thank the entire Silencer Shop Team for making getting into the NFA game so effortless. No matter how many anxious people I would see when picking up my suppressor…when it was my turn, I was always greeted with a smile. Nice, thanks Silencer Shop!
- si


Just wanted to drop a quick thank you. I placed an order on line, and just after I placed it I realized that I bungled it and ordered the wrong thread size. I called and spoke to an actual human being and he corrected the mistake immediately. Outstanding customer service Tyler, this is why you guys are #1 in my book. Thanks again!
- John


Just wanted to say thanks. Yall are so much more professional and efficient than the previous business I purchased a suppressor from.
- Silencer Shop Customer


I believe his name is Chris. I would just like you guys to know how wonderful his customer service was. I had my wife order a supressor for me today. I thought she messed up the order while I was at work, having her email constantly from my account. I called Silencer Shop when I got off work to straighten up all confusion. Chris's assitance was beyond helpful and his attitude was fantastic, amidst my confusion. I even tried to cancel my order and resubmit due to all the confusion and Chris was able to walk me through everything. I know in my line of work, I like my empoyees to be recognized for their diligence and performance. I wanted Silencer shop to know the same of their staff.
- Scott


...your Silencer Shop has out done the apple store for service. Everyone of your employees have been very professional and great to deal with. I recommend your shop to any one interested in a silencer.
- D


Thanks so much for all your help! You truly live up to your reputation of being top notch in customer service. Thanks again!
- Silencer Shop Customer


Showing 301-326 of 326 results

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