Submit Your Document  

For most, "Document" will mean the finalized copy of your trust.  

If you are submitting your Form 4 as a Corporation, your article of incorporation will be required instead.


There are 3 ways to submit your document to Silencer Shop:

1.  By emailing it directly to

    • Be sure to include the email address that you placed the order with and/or your order number

2.  Uploading to your Silencer Shop account via an email link

    • Following your order, we will send a blanket email indicating what information we have, and what we still need
    • This email will contain a link to upload your trust (or corp docs) directly to our site

3.  Mailing a copy of your document to us at:

Silencer Shop

13729 Research Blvd

STE 630

Austin, TX 78750


*Please include your order number in the envelope

Important Notes:
  • If your trust contains an embossed notary seal (as aposed to the more modern/comon ink stamp) it may not show up well in a digital scan.  Lightly rubbing the embossment with the side of a sharp pencil is the best way we have found to make it show up.
  • If your trust mentions a list of assets, schedule A, shedule 1, etc. it is highly recomended that you include that document with the body of the trust even if it is empty.
  • Any additional documents you received with your trust (title pages, certification of trust, etc.) can/should be included as well.  It is easier to take out anything we don't need than try and track down information after the fact.  Said differently, send us everything you have... We'll take out what we don't need.
  • On a trust each person listed as a trustee needs to be added as a responsible person