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YHM 7.62 Ultra Light Tactical (ULT)

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The Titanium Phantom .30 ULT (Ultra-Light Tactical) are smaller and lighter .30 caliber suppressors. At 1.5” in diameter, 7.625” in length and weighing just 13 oz. these suppressors are smaller and lighter than our full-size Phantom M2 .30 Cal. suppressor while delivering similar performance on .308 Winchester. On .300 BLK, 7.62x39mm and 6.8mm these new designs are actually quieter than the full-size Phantom Suppressor. They are perfect for serving double duty on both a .308 Winchester host and a .22 caliber host as well as anything in between! These all-new suppressors feature CNC welds throughout and an updated tube design that incorporates a thicker blast for increased strength. The LT suppressors utilize our improved Q.D. Mounting system that allows for faster, easier and more secure mounting and like always, the mount is included in the price of the suppressor. The suppressor is also backwards compatible with 5.56mm Q.D. Mounts. The ULT's are full-auto rated (limited) on barrels as short as 8” in .300 BLK and 10.5" on every other caliber. They carry a lifetime warranty. Made with Grade 9 Titanium.  Comes with a 5/8x24 muzzle device.

This suppressor features Titanium and Inconel 718 construction for increased strength, superior durability, and amazing weight savings. The proven performance of YHM's Phantom Flash Hider eliminates 99% of muzzle flash while the Sound Technologies baffle design (U.S. Patent #7,073,426) reduces muzzle noise by up to 39 dB. The fast attach design allows you to permanently install the Phantom Flash Hider and then install the Sound Suppressor without the use of tools when sound suppression is desired. Our Phantom Flash Hider system holds the sound suppressor firmly in place by hand tightening and allows the sound suppressor to be removed by hand when no longer needed. A gas seal keeps the threads clean so the suppressor will not bind, making removal a breeze. The Phantom Flash hider supports the sound suppressor in two places making misalignment nearly impossible, even if the sound suppressor is not fully tightened. This sound suppressor is designed so that it can be used with a Phantom 5.56 mm flash hider on a 5.56 mm rifle. This allows users to purchase one sound suppressor and use it on .30 caliber and 5.56 mm rifles. As a measure of safety the 5.56 sound suppressor WILL NOT fit onto a .30 Cal. flash hider.  <strong>Full Auto Rating: </strong>Limited Full Auto-Rated on barrels as short as 10.5", except 300 BLK.

.300 BLK Full Auto Rating exception: Limited Full Auto-Rated on barrels as short as 8"


Now available in Black Cerakote!


Specification Information

Caliber Rating 7.62mm (.30 Caliber - up to .308)
Length 7.625"
Diameter 1.5"
Weight 13 oz
Full-Auto Rated Limited
Manufacturer Yankee Hill Machine
Minimum Barrel Length 556 10.5"
Minimum Barrel Length 300BLK 8"
Minimum Barrel Length 762 NATO 10.5"
Build Material Inconel 718, Titanium
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YHM 7.62 Ultra Light Tactical (ULT)

SKU: YHM-4300-TI -Multi
The Titanium Phantom .30 ULT (Ultra-Light Tactical) are smaller and lighter .30 caliber suppressors.

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