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YHM 7.62 Phantom LT



New for 2013! The Phantom .30 LT (Light Tactical) and LTA (Light Tactical, Aggressive) are smaller, lighter .30 caliber suppressors. At 1.5” in diameter, 7.625” in length and weighing just 20 oz. these suppressors are smaller and lighter than our full-size Phantom M2 .30 Cal. suppressor while delivering similar performance on .308 Winchester. On .300 BLK, 7.62x39mm and 6.8mm these new designs are actually quieter than the full-size Phantom Suppressor. They are perfect for serving double duty on both a .308 Winchester host and a .22-250 caliber host as well as anything in between! These all-new suppressors feature CNC welds throughout and an updated tube design that incorporates a thicker blast area with a secure gripping surface that also adds a unique look to the suppressor. Both the LT and LTA suppressors utilize our improved Q.D. Mounting system that allows for faster, easier and more secure mounting and like always, the mount is included in the price of the suppressor.  The suppressor is also backwards compatible with 5.56mm Q.D. Mounts. Both suppressors are full-auto rated on barrels as short as 10.5” and carry a lifetime warranty. Made with 300 series Stainless Steel and 718 Inconel.

Specification Information

Manufacturer Yankee Hill Machine



12 Reviews For YHM 7.62 Phantom LT

  • Collin12/23/2016

    I've really been pleased with this suppressor. It makes my 5.56 AR and my 308 Savage FCP-SR hearing safe. I really like the QD mounting system, especially since they have muzzle breaks rather than flash hiders available. The only downside is that it's a bit expensive to buy an 80 dollar muzzle device for multiple firearms/uppers. While this is a "lite weight" suppressor, it's heavier than I expected, especially on the end of a 16" rifle barrel. This was really just due to my ignorance though having never used an 8" suppressor. Compared to the 4" can than I had used in the past, this this is significantly better for noise reduction.

    Working on a 8" 300 Blackout upper and excited to try subsonic loads.

  • Patrick7/31/2016

    I just got mine a week ago. Been using my Octane 45 for 300 BLK but can now go super sonic when I want on both 300 BLK and 223. Love it and point of impact stays the same. Really like that. I know YHM recommends staying away from sub sonic with it but I had loads that worked great through my Octane 45, (1 inch at 100 yards) so I had to try them. Still 1 inch at 100 yards and same POI. I love the 45 Octane but wanting to be able to go super sonic made me get another can and I am very pleased with this one. As always Silencer Shop is number 1 in my book and YHM is too now!

  • Jon5/10/2016

    A friend recommended this can. Used his before, now have my own! Mainly used on my 300blk SBR. Got 556 flash hider though, so I can swap it out to my 556!

  • Roy5/9/2016

    I've been using this suppressor on my .300 blk. It's solid and it performs well. The sound reduction isn't the best but it's pretty darn good. I really like the qd mount as I have the same muzzle break on my .223. It easily changes over and does well on other host but I keep it mounted on the .300 blk since I've gotten other suppressors since. Great buy. Yankee hill she's great products.

  • Roy8/29/2015

    This suppressor, the YHM LT is my favorite YHM suppressor. It is a little smaller and lighter than the YHM M2 and does the same job. Very well built, great quality and price. If you do the research, you will find that you can't beat the service and prices at the Silencer Shop.

  • Mark M1/2/2015

    I have used this suppressor on both my 5.56 and 300 blkout SBR's. Its a great little suppressor for the money. YHM's QD mounting system is one of the best for under the hand guard mounting that I have seen. The textured design really make it look nice too. For the money I would say the LT is well worth it. I have several other 7.62 suppressors and the LT is just as quiet to my ears with 300 blkout subs and hyper 5.56 as any of my other cans. One thing that I really like about the LT is the length. Its short and pretty light on your rifle. You will not be disappointed with this can.

  • Sonny12/12/2014

    I'm using the LT30 on 8" 300blk SBR with 10" rail so it gives it a nice SD look with the suppressor tucked a couple inches .I've only fired 220gr subs through it & of course they sound great. I wish I would of snagged the ULT when SS had it for $600-something. I recommend the LT 100%

  • Kevin J9/27/2014

    Worked up subsonic .308 and supersonic .308 for my rifle.

    Subsonic, the sound of the bullet hitting the target sounds 10x louder than the shot itself.

    Supersonic, the sound of the bullet hitting the target is atleast double the sound of the shot itself.

    I am thoroughly impressed and will would buy it again.

  • Kevin White9/14/2014

    Due to the compact size, this can seems lighter than it is. I would recommend it, it is a very good value for the money. I also really like the YHM quick connects, they allow the suppressor to be mounted and removed easily with one hand. I put the adapters on my other guns, so essentially I have four suppressed guns but only had to pay for one $200.00 stamp.

  • kg_jackson6/19/2014

    Overall really nice silencer for a reasonable price.

    Short and light for a SS silencer.
    Can buy multiple flash hiders for guns making moving from gun to gun a breeze.
    Great for calibers 308 down to 223
    Great quality for price point.

    Will only handle up to 308 cal.

    I am on the waiting list for a YHM ULT (titanium LT) to add to this one for greater flexibility. If I had to do it again I probably would have gone with the M2 and the ULT which would give me a SS silencer for stationary hunting and could handle up to 300WM along with the ULT for stalking and mobile hunting.

    But If I was only going to have 1 silencer in my bag this would be it.

  • 68Guy6/6/2014

    I have had my LT for about 3 months now. I primarily shoot it on a 10.5" 300 BLK pistol using 200 Gr subsonic. It is VERY quiet and the sound of the cases hitting the ground come out as loud. I have also used this on my M4 with a QD mount and super impressed with that even without subsonic. I have shot side by side with a Phantom and this is about equal on 5.56 and quieter with 300 BLK. Definitely worth the costs. Thanks Silencer Shop!

  • Sonny5/18/2014

    I tried the LT on one of my AR's today (16") and I was amazed at how good the suppression really was. The size and weight are very nice & match all the shorter lighter .30cal cans that are out now. I don't think YHM gets the respect they deserve , maybe this new LT will change some minds. Ill test it out on my 5.56 SBR and 300blk SBR soon.

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YHM 7.62 Phantom LT

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