OSS HX-QD 762 Ti

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OSS 2141H
The lightweight multi-caliber offering from the guys and gals of OSS, the HX-QD 762 Ti is the choice for users who live by the mantra: “ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain.”  As with all of the OSS Helix style silencers, the patented Flow-Through® technology of this silencer redirects the expanding gasses in a helical pattern allowing the gas to expand and cool as they move through the silencer body.  This unique design also means that the expanding gas generate torque on the silencer and snugging it onto the mount.  As the gas moves through the 17-4 stainless and Grade 5 titanium coils, the resulting effect on the sile... Read More
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Manufacturer OSS Suppressors
Weight 14.5 oz
Warranty Lifetime Warranty