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Palmetto State Defense Monolith



The boys over at Palmetto State Defense start with a 316 Chromoly monolithic core and add a fully welded SS body to create the Monolith 5.56/.223 suppressor. Elegantly simple in construction means a reliable (not to mention affordable) product for the end user. Directly threaded to 1/2x28 tpi, this suppressor will fit on any standard 5.56/.223 barrel and is built to provide the shooter with a balance between great sound performance and low back pressure. The perfect product for those of us that still adhere to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle and don't need any of the fancy bells or whistles!


Specification Information

Caliber Rating 5.56mm (.223)
Thread Pitch 1/2x28
Color Black
Length 6.31"
Diameter 1.5"
Weight 16.25 oz
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer PSD Suppressors
Build Material 4140HT Steel

5 Reviews For Palmetto State Defense Monolith

  • Derrick2/22/2017

    This was my first can and I have really enjoyed the performance. The ability to shoot without hearing protection is great. Accuracy isn't affected any, I tried my buddy's and it moved my group over a foot. I think he was embarrassed because he paid more for his equipment than me. He wouldn't even tell me where he bought it from. Anyway I really enjoy the benefits of using the can with my son. If I had it to do over I would buy another with a little better noise reduction but with subsonic rounds it's not an issue. Overall I would give it an A. The Silencershop.com helped make the entire process easy as pie. I recommend the gun trust, after talking to my attorney I purchased online with my can. Thanks to everyone @ silencershop.com for everything!

  • Clay1/31/2017

    This was my first silencer purchase and I would definitely buy one again. I have used it on my S & W MP-15 and love it. Great sound reduction and adds just the right amount of weight for a solid anchor shooting offhand. You can shoot all day just like plinking with a .22 while carrying on a conversation and not missing word. Very quiet. If used with sub-sonic loads I dare say the only thing you hear is brass hitting the ground.

  • Robert5/28/2016

    I have this Suppressor dedicated to my Home Defense 10" SBR. It is perfect for the task. A great price and, a very tough can. Nothing fancy. A nice looking can, well machined, finished and welded. Not the lightest can but it is light enough for an SBR. Fairly compact. Again not the smallest can but small none the less. Sound suppression is as good as any other suppressor. Hard to tell a few db's plus or minus with the human ear. If you could I am sure it would make little difference. You can shoot outdoors, no muffs or plugs, without ringing ears. I would buy this can again.

  • Shannon2/29/2016

    This was my first Suprressor purchase. Great noise reduction on 16 inch Windham. Not a lot of bling but works very well.

  • William9/22/2015

    have used 1000k supp this -Db amazing quality....for under 300 priceless!!!!!

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Palmetto State Defense Monolith

Direct thread 5.56/.223 suppressor from Palmetto State Defense.

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