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Griffin Armament M4SD-II



The Griffin Armament M4SD-II sound suppressor is the result of a ten year study of sound suppressor design and rigorous seven year R&D program pulling from lessons learned in environments from computer design, field testing, to actual combat operations in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. The M4SD II was designed to provide the optimal combination of lightweight, peak performance, and durability. Our suppressors are computer designed, critically accessed in FEA, tested, and optimized. The M4SD II is CNC machined, and fully TIG fusion welded for maximum thermal transfer and unparalleled strength and durability. Every component in the M4SD II is manufactured from 316L stainless steel, with heat treated 718 inconel baffles throughout. The suppressor bores are wire EDM cut for maximum accuracy and fully blueprinted tolerances. The mounting system and mounts of the M4SD II sound suppressor are precision ground to ten thousandths of an inch for minimal, repeatable and utterly dependable point of impact shift. Built on a mountain of development, the M4SD-II is the pinnacle of performance- the equal of the best competing products available anywhere in the world. * Ships with Hammer Comp


  • Fully welded
  • Flawless Bore Technology
  • Industry leading sound performance
  • Minimal back pressure design
  • Extremely versatile and fast mounting system
  • High strength, high temp, corrosion resistant alloys
  • Full Auto rated on 10.5" barrels and longer
  • Multicam Silencer Pouch Included
  • M4SD Shims and over-travel stop Included
  • Compatible with M4SD or A2 Nato Spec Compensators
  • Cerakote Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

What are the Critics Saying?


Specification Information

Caliber Rating 5.56mm (.223)
Color Black
Length 6.5"
Length Added 4.35"
Diameter 1.5"
Weight 17.4 oz
Finish Griffin Endura-Kote High Temp Coating
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer Griffin Armament
Build Material 17-4 Stainless Steel, Inconel 718



4 Reviews For Griffin Armament M4SD-II

  • BRAD3/27/2017

    The fit from suppressor to compensator is too loose. The Sig-Sauer QD taperlok on their suppressors is a superior fit...even when it sometimes is difficult to remove. AND the M4SD-II is not as quiet as expected. My Sig 7.62QD-TI (yes...a 7.62 is MUCH quieter than the M4SD-II) is much quieter on my LWRC M6A5...probably due to volume of the whole can. (I think I am onto something)....
    But...the build of this can rivals the SureFire SOCOM cans...VERY RUGGED!

  • calvin2/14/2016

    This is my 6th suppressor, but my only 5.56 specific one. It has a few features that really let it stand out from the pack, namely that it doesn't take a proprietary mounting system like many cans do. Griffin does make a fair amount of outstanding muzzle devices this is compatible with, I use their hammer comp with this, but will still work with the standard A2 bird cage. I used this on a 10.3" and 11.5" sbr, the 10.3" had a geissele mk5 9.55" rail and it gave the perfect monolithic look I was going for, along with my urx 4 10.75" on the 11.5" sbr.

    It comes with the nicest suppressor case I've seen, better than my TYR tactical cases, and better than all my other cans which either didn't include them or went cheap on.

    I bought the fde version, and the fit and finish is outstanding. All the welds look perfect, and the coating was done without blemish. As far as noise attenuation, I don't own a noise meter, and I don't shoot 5.56 subsonic, so I wouldn't exactly label this as "hearing" safe, although it may be, it's not necessarily hearing comfortable with supersonics, but then again I don't think any suppressed 5.56 supersonic can really is. At the range if you get out from under the canopy, it's a lot quieter, but wouldn't want to do a mag dump without earpro, but when hunting I definitely didn't notice any ringing after a shot, which is what cans are for, without them on an sbr 5.56 your ears will probably bleed. I use this mainly on a 10.3" sbr so longer barrels would probably have quieter results.

    There are probably only 2 draw back I can speak of:
    1. To mount and dismount this, it's a 2 hand operation for the first step which is opening the locking latch, you need a second hand to hold open the locking plate, once that's done you can go back to using one hand to finish mounting/dismounting. If you want a visual of that process, look up my youtube review under the title Griffin M4SD-II username ltwhiteagle . Although I call this a draw back, it's necessary to make it compatible with the A2 bird cage, however I really like the ease of my YHM LTA mount, especially when the can is cooking.
    2. The locking latch has some slack in it, which like the reviewer above said allows the can to rotate a bit to break the carbon free which is a nonissue. However the slack also lets a bit of exhaust out through it too by the locking latch. I have the FDE version of this can, and although it hasn't really stained the finish by the latch, I just so happen to have a light bezel extending past my rail where the latch is located and will get dirty pretty quickly. Not a big deal if you clean it off quickly, but I wonder how it'd do during a low light carbine class where round count is high and lights are needed.

    These little "draw backs" are not big enough to lose a star, maybe if it was a 10 star rating scale it might lose 1, but overall I'm very super happy with this can and wouldn't change my decision whatsoever. Griffin also has really good CS, they started shipping these with the hammer comps included, but when i bought mine they hadn't started doing that yet, so I reached out to them and they gave me one 50% off, which they didn't have to do but was a nice gesture and saved my a few bucks.

  • MICHAEL11/26/2015

    This is a very well made product. Its heavy but that because of the high quality materials used so it can be rated for full auto. The QD feature is awesome when shooting full auto knowing the can will not loosen up. Trust me when I say if you ever grab a can after shooting full auto to retighten you will not forget the experience. Would definitely buy again.

  • Jake7/27/2015

    I've used several 5.56 suppressors and this is my favorite. It is lightweight, small, and produces excellent numbers. (See Silencer Shop's video). The QD mechanism, once you get a feel for it, is unquestionably the fastest quick-attach/detach on the market. Because it uses standard A2 spec muzzle devices, there is a huge amount of muzzle device options to choose from, including the most basic flash hiders on run-of-the-mill ARs, up to some really nice stuff from Griffin among others. I chose the Griffin Flashcomp, because of sex appeal, quality, and the many positive online reviews. Most Suppressors use a QD system with a bigger muzzle device that makes it impossible to mount a bayonet. (Yes, bayonet usability is a thing for me. I'm a former Marine, and we are issued them for good reason) They are more devastating and useful than most people realize. The QD system on the M4SD series don't take away the option. Griffin is a fairly new company and they've been showing off a lot of great ideas. They are no doubt on their way to giving the bigger companies a hard run for their money. My main concern was the slight amount of rotational play when it is mounted. Griffin says this was an intentional design aspect necessary to break up carbon from high volume firing. After some testing, I am very happy with it. It only rotates a couple of degrees when you intentionally wiggle it by hand, and there is absolutely no loss in accuracy. Point of impact shift has been very consistent, and very insignificant. At distance my groups have tightened up a bit when I use it. My only complaint is that my specific unit had a pretty fair sized scratch on it near the serial number. It was finished over black, so it had to have been done during manufacturing. When I spend this kind of money on something, I'd like it to be perfect. But, ultimately it is a tool, and I got over it. Probably not a common thing. I'm sure I will beat it up plenty more in any case, I just want to be the one to do it! Even with the little cosmetic imperfection, I still feel the M4SD-II deserves 5 stars. I highly recommend it. I would choose it over any other 5.56 suppressor. Money wasn't an issue for me, I just wanted to get the best suppressor (at least the best fit for my needs) and I am very content with my decision to go with this one.

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Griffin Armament M4SD-II

Designed to provide the optimal combination of lightweight, peak performance, and durability.

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