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AAC Mini-4



The AAC Mini-4 is the result of a request for an ultra-compact can for 5.56mm rifles and carbines. The Mini4 features the same fully welded all-Inconel guts as our M4-2000. With an overall weight of 13 ounces and adding less than 3 inches to the overall length of the host weapon, it is easy to disregard the Mini4 until the shooting starts. Despite its compact dimensions, the Mini4 reduces the muzzle signature below the 140 decibel threshold at the shooterís ear and dramatically reduces visible flash.

As of July 2015, all Mini-4's will now ship with an included 51T Flash Hider in 1/2x28!

More Information

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Specification Information

Caliber Rating 5.56mm (.223)
Color Black
Length 5.25"
Length Added 2.8"
Diameter 1.5"
Weight 13.5 oz
Finish High Temperature Cerakote™
Full-Auto Rated Full-Auto Rated
Manufacturer AAC
Build Material 316L Stainless Steel, Inconel 718



3 Reviews For AAC Mini-4

  • Vernon3/28/2016

    Since my earlier review I've shot this can a lot more.

    Simply put, it takes a nasty ear-damaging concussive report down to hearing safe.

    My latest buy is a SIG516 piston 5.56 patrol rifle.
    This is the rifle I wanted for this can, with it's 4 position gas setting.

    The SIG516 with the gas port turned down to suppressor setting works flawlessly.

    Hearing safe.
    A joy to shoot.
    If you aer shooting paper turn the gas to the "off" setting and cycle it manually to really appreciate how much it is quieting the rifle.

    Bigger cans with their longer size and greater weight will be a lot quieter.
    This can, again, is in addition to a bigger can rather than a first choice.

    Shoot just one round unsuppressed after 20 rounds with this little jewel mounted and you get an appreciation for how much it id doing.

    Point of impact is a fact of life with suppressors.
    This thing moves the paper hole down and right about 1.5 inches. A deer or hog will not notice the shift inside 100 yards.

    Happy shooting, all!

  • Vernix1/23/2016

    I love this little can because it's tiny, balances well on an M4 size weapon.
    It is hearing safe, I believe, in that length.

    My 10.5" SBR upper with a compensator goes from teeth-loosening concussion to loud pleasant thump but not something I like to shoot without hearing protection.

    On a 20" Bolt gun or my old mAUG with the piston in the off position it is a pleasure to shoot.

    POI change is generally 1.5 to 2 inches, quite tolerable but not negligible.

    With all that said, it is really a great deal less effective than my M4-2000 which is a great performer. Side by side the larger can, as expected, it is audibly and viscerally and palpably quieter, hence my "not a first choice" can for must guys wanting a quiet experience.


  • thompsob4/30/2014

    This silencer is a niche silencer in my opinion, but if you already have your full sized silencer needs covered this is a nice place to start to specialize.
    For reference, I only use my mini-4 on my 5.56 SBRs: Sig 556, AR-15, and SCAR 16s. I don’t really see the use for this silencer on a full size rifle or carbine.
    On a SBR this silencer does exactly what it’s supposed to do, take the bite out of your SBR without adding much length, length that you paid uncle Sam $200 to not have.
    The noise reduction won’t make your SBR hearing safe or even comfortable to shoot without hearing protection. However, the concussive blast wave and sound are much reduced compared to shooting the gun sans Mini-4. Additionally, it’s also light enough that you won’t notice the suppressor hanging off the end.
    I am so pleased with this little can that I consider it a requirement to take when I take my SBRs to the range, as I won’t shoot them without it.

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AAC Mini-4

SKU: AAC 101698
The AAC Mini-4 is the result of a request for an ultra-compact can for 5.56mm rifles and carbines.

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