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NFA Gun Trust

NFA Gun Trust

We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

This trust was specifically created by a top NFA lawyer to be legal in all 50 states

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Using an NFA Trust to register your suppressor is definitely the way to go for nearly 100% of our customers.

The top reasons so many people use NFA Gun Trusts are:

  • An NFA Gun Trust allows multiple people to legally have possession of the suppressor (or other NFA item)

  • An NFA Gun Trust provides flexibility by allowing you to add and/or remove trustees at any time - which provides a lot of flexibility

  • Registering using an NFA Gun Trust or Corporation is typically faster than registering as an individual

Remember that you only need to setup a gun trust once!  Once you have it, you can use it to register as many silencers, short barrel rifles, or other NFA items as you want.

ATF 41F (previously ATF 41P) will go into effect on July 13, 2016.  All NFA transfers that have been approved, or are pending, before that date will be grand-fathered under the existing rules!

By January of 2016, Silencer Shop had generated well over 15,000 NFA Gun Trusts for satisfied customers - without any ATF issues!

Why has our simple NFA trust solution been so successful?

  1. Customers know they can trust Silencer Shop - and we stand behind this product with a FULL 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

  2. The Silencer Shop NFA Gun Trust is the absolute simplest NFA trust solution available!

  3. Since our system is completely automated, you'll receive instructions on getting your trust completed within minutes of purchasing!  The whole process typically only takes a few minutes.

  4. We provide everything you need to add and/or remove trustees in the future without any additional expense!

  5. Our trust was created by a top gun trust attorney to be legal in all 50 states - and it was specifically designed to hold all your NFA purchases (as opposed to other do-it-yourself solutions that are simply generic trusts)

  6. Save time & money by creating the trust yourself

Keep in mind that it's completely legal to either create a trust yourself using a trust like ours - or you can talk to a lawyer who is licensed in your state.  It is NOT LEGAL to let somebody who is not a lawyer create a trust for you.

What do you get with this trust?

This NFA Gun Trust form was specifically designed by a gun trust lawyer to work for NFA items, such as suppressors - and to be a legal trust in all 50 states.

After purchasing, you will receive an email with a short & simple questionnaire. For most people, it will take less than 5 minutes to answer the questions, and then you'll receive a PDF trust document via email.

All you'll need to do is print the trust out and have it signed & notarized - then you can use it to purchase your suppressor. It really is that simple!

The trust includes detailed instructions for adding or removing trustees and beneficiaries as well as property.

There is a lawyer that can provide technical support for this trust; but, they cannot give legal advice since this is a do-it-yourself form option. As mentioned previously, if you prefer to work with a lawyer, please check out our lawyer referral page. If, on the other hand, you want to get a quick & easy gun trust without spending as much money, this is a great option!

This form is not legal advice and is to be used at your own direction.  Consultation with an attorney is highly recommended and this form is not a substitute for appropriate legal advice in your state.  

If you have additional questions about how to register your suppressor, please check out the details on this page.


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29 Reviews For NFA Gun Trust

  • Joshua2/16/2018

    I ordered this as a first time NFA buyer. Along with the Form 4 Tax Stamp it just streamlined the process making it less stressful on a first time buyer.

  • URI11/16/2017

    I purchased the trust through Silencer Shop not really knowing what i was getting into. Heard mixed opinions on online trust and how some may or may not work and it was best to go through a lawyer. Called around and was getting estimates above the $300 range and said no way. Decided to give the Silencer Shop Trust a try fearing the worst and to my surprise it was the most simplest thing ever. After answering a few simple question I received my trust via email for review. Had it notarized and silencer was ordered same day through Silencer Shop, and that process was super easy as well with access to the app and kiosk. Will definitely continue doing business with this company, great people and most importantly great response time and customer service.

  • Michael9/23/2017

    I highly recommend this very affordable price and couldn’t be easier.

  • Jesus7/14/2017

    Holy crap super easy, literally took me 20 minutes to have my trust sent to me. Every step is very simple.

  • Michael5/20/2016

    The hard part is getting everyone together at the same time to sign the document!

  • Mark4/28/2016

    Setting up the trust was a breeze. Paperwork arrived within minutes of purchase. Had a few questions and the guys at the Silencer Shop assisted me and returned the documents back to them. Being a Michigan resident of Macomb County I had to register the trust with probate court. Had to use the county’s “Registration of Trust” form and pay $25.00 filing fee. Thanks for the support.

  • Paul4/24/2016

    Best way to establish a trust. County clerk happily registered without batting an eyelash.

  • Jess3/19/2016

    These guys were awesome! Not only was the setup easy and fast, but I had my documents within minutes! After setting up I realized my phone AutoCorrected some things in the title, and one quick phone call got me accurate documents in my email in a few additional minutes! Great people to deal with, great employees, and couldn't be happier to work with SilencerShop!

  • Timothy3/1/2016

    Did everything late one night, didn't take long. Had it notarized the next day, the following day the suppressor I wanted was in stock, boom on order and for the guy that says the inventory sheet is on the schedule A, he is wrong that sheet is only for your records only.

  • Timothy3/1/2016

    Did everything late one night, didn't take long. Had it notarized the next day, the following day the suppressor I wanted was in stock, boom on order and for the guy that says the inventory sheet is on the schedule A, he is wrong that sheet is only for your records only.

  • James2/18/2016

    Always wondered about the internet trust offers, till I read last months American Rifleman about silencers. Called and asked about if all people had to be notarized at the same time. (no they don't) Ordered it and got it all done in about 15 minutes. Had it notarized for my wife and me on one day and my daughter about 3 days later. Getting the local police chief letter of approval takes about 2 months here. Went and ordered my silencer today at a local gun shop.

  • Chuck2/12/2016

    There is not a better and easier way to get the trust done than through the Silencer Shop!! I had a question, and it was answered well under an hour of submission. Thanks for making such an easy and affordable trust!!

  • Robert1/24/2016

    I found this to be a very easy and effective way to fulfill the requirements to buy an NFA item. I will use this many times. Even with the new ATF 41F it is still an effective way to manage your NFA items.

  • Douglas1/6/2016

    I read a FAQ document on another website after buying and completing this trust. I wish i had used that site instead. No where in this trust are the word(s) firearm, gun, NFA, etc. except in the title that I chose making this trust rather generic as opposed to firearm specific. Likewise Silencershop's trust includes a schedule A form which is a listed inventory of all firearms in the trust and is a privacy issue. This is not a requirement but since the schedule A is included and listed as part of the trust it must be submitted with ATF forms to be a "complete" application. Finally Silencershop says this NFA trust is supposed to be registered with state of CO, I have confirmed with 3 other sources (2 of which are law offices) that this is not true. Since this trust is done I'm sure it will work but I wish I had shopped more-specifically in my own state.

  • Hieu12/29/2015

    Been looking and searching how to do a gun trust for a while but my friend told me to give these guys a try and it was a Christmas/birthday present from my older sis but OVERALL PROCESS was very very easy to do and fast !! Will for sure buy a silencer from you guys

  • Tracy11/26/2015

    I tried to buy a suppressor a couple of years a go but the local dealer was just lost about everything and ending up just holding my money for a year.
    This time I plan on marching right through the entire routine through the Silencer Shop and have them deliver the unit to the local dealer when my paper work is approved.
    It took me five minutes to set up the trust. Tomorrow I will go and have it notarized and this portion of the paperwork will be done.
    Tomorrow is Black Friday so you know what I will be shopping for!

  • Matthew11/23/2015

    Received my trust flawlessly. It took less then 5 minutes to set up. All I need to do is get it notarized and wait on the ATF. Thank you Silencer Shop!

  • AndyC_DFW11/17/2015

    I have to report that I'm delighted with this service. I bought the trust in late May and received a link via email in under 4 minutes after purchase to start the process of filling out the trust documents - the examples and advice at each step were very clear and it took me less than 10 minutes to complete. To cut a long story short, I used my trust to apply for my first suppressor and was approved by ATF 4 months later. This trust works - highly recommended

  • Steven9/10/2015

    Just like all the others above have indicated, this was a ridiculously easy process. Placed my order, received an email with link, filled out some information and clicked submit, 5 minutes later had my completed trust specific to my state.

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Jason8/23/2015

    Silencer Shop took all the mystery and confusion out of starting a Trust and bying a suppressor. THANKS!!

  • Joseph8/5/2015

    Quick and easy. Glad I went this route. Also, Silencer Shop customer service is excellent.

  • Wayne5/30/2015

    I can't thank Silencer Shop enough for offering the NFA Gun Trust form. I have a Living Will Trust......
    The structure and reading of the NFA Trust that Silencer Shop offers here is very similar to that of my Living Will Trust. I reside in a rural area.....this product is extremely attractive since one never has to leave home except to sign before a notary. This is a huge reduction in variables that might prohibit someone living a rural area from following through with a NFA Trust.

    Thank you Silencer Shop.........Amazing product with built in support!!!!!

  • Laurian5/27/2015

    Been looking for someone to take the leg work out of setting up an NFA trust for myself. My son-in-law serving in our Armed Forces overseas bought your NFA package and enthusiastically recommended Silencer Shop. He says the service was reasonably priced, fast, efficient and he was good to go quickly. So here I am. Just paid for my package. I received the link to my trust form questionnaire in less than 5 minutes. Two minutes later I submitted my completed form and lo-and-behold 5 minutes later my completed packet arrived in my email in perfect form. Get it Notarized and I'm done! No complaints from me! Love the service and convenience.

  • Alec4/16/2015

    I was kind of skeptical until I read the reviews, so I threw some money at them and got all of the same prompt e-mails and got the first step done towards going class III with my new toys.

    Thanks for such a great service that is way easier than trying to make your own through PC apps or other online sources! +1 for extra PDF's and +10 for the finalizing instructions!

  • Rob3/23/2015

    I will admit, I was skeptical about buying a trust offline versus contacting a lawyer. I decided to give the Silencer Shop Trust a try and I must say it greatly exceeded my expectations. After my purchase, I was quickly emailed a trust worksheet for my demographic information as well as the name of my trust. After I returned the worksheet, I received my final trust via email. Looking back at the purchase confirmation email and my final trust, the entire process took 25 minutes. But that’s not all, along with the final trust documentation, I also received important but easy to follow instructions on how to make my trust official as well as an amendment template in the event I ever needed to add/remove trustees. I would highly recommend the Silencer Shop Trust to everyone. Thanks to Silencer Shop for making this process simple.

  • john8/19/2014

    When I started this process I didn’t think I needed a “NFA Gun Trust”. I have a existing “Revocable Living Trust” with a “Firearms” section for my gun collection. I was told by a local gun shop owner that I could use my existing “Living Trust” to purchase a suppressor. So I contacted my estate attorney to get a copy of the sections of my trust I needed to purchase a suppressor. He didn’t know what I was talking about or what was required. After two weeks of him doing research about NFA requirements, he recommend against adding a NFA section to my existing “Living Trust”. He recommended that I purchase the Silencer Shop’s stand alone “NFA Gun Trust”.

    I purchased the Silencer shop trust and filled in the questions on the form on-line. The next morning I emailed a copy to my attorney’s office for his review. He told me I had to change the way I named my “NFA Trust” because it conflicted with my “Living Trust” name. FYI -- I was advise to name my trust “Last-name NFA Trust” for legal reasons. So, I picked up the phone, call the Silencer Shop and told them about my mistake. They said that was no problem. They changed the information in my file and emailed me the corrected copy while we were on the phone. An hour later I had purchased a can and was on the waiting list with everyone else.

    Thanks Silencer Shop for making this process very easy after I tried to make it very difficult.

  • gorhamdag5/14/2014

    Quick and easy worth paying the extra cash had everything done in less then 10 minutes. Good job SilencerShop!

  • Brian5/7/2014

    This was so easy even your grandmother could do it (no offense to those suppressor buying grannies). It literally took 5 minutes after my order to be finished with the trust. Had is notarized and was g2g.

  • MATTHEW4/24/2014

    If you have any doubt about "do it yourself" Revocable Living Trust options, don't hesitate to use this one! The Silencer Shop NFA Gun Trust is a living trust that is very user friendly and highlights the important legal factors of NFA firearm related trusts. The easy-to-use template has all of the necessary fields to ensure you are creating a functional and reliable trust that you and your trustees/beneficiaries can rely on.

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