Register a Silencer using a Corporation

How to Register a Suppressor to a Corporation

The first thing people hear about when they’re looking at buying an NFA item, such as a suppressor, is the ATF Form 4. The seems to cause a fair amount of stress as people worry over how they are going to fill out that dreaded form.

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to fill it out at all!

Basically, all you need to do is:

  1. Purchase a suppressor
  2. Pay for your $200 tax payment
  3. Let us know the legal name of your corporation and send us a copy of your Articles of Incorporation, Business Formation or Business Registration from the state Comptroller's Office (The officers of the corporation need to be listed on this document)
  4. All officers listed on the corporation (including yourself) will need to register at the nearest S.I.D. Kiosk


That’s it! Once we have your information, we’ll get it reviewed and filed with the ATF as fast as possible and will send you updates letting you know what’s going on. Once you get a confirmation that the NFA Branch has accepted the electronic Form 4, it’s time to sit back and wait. (Which is often the hardest part!)

As soon as your Form 4 transfer is approved, you’ll receive an email or phone call from your selected Powered-By or Buy-It-Local dealer to come pick up your new suppressor!

As you can see, there really isn’t much to the process. Once you’ve been through it once, chances are you’ll do it again – especially after you see what a blast it is to shoot suppressed!