Thunder Beast Arms Corporation (TBAC) has made a number of accurate and maneuverable silencers throughout their history. Founded in 2007, Thunder Beast adopted the mantra of making the best sound suppressor for precision and long-range shooting. Their silencer designs are optimized for accuracy, durability, and lightweight—all while maintaining best-in-class suppression levels.

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Situated in scenic Cheyenne, WY, the Thunder Beast team works tirelessly to produce the most accurate suppressors possible. Considering their end goal is accuracy, they pride themselves on not making a suppressor that they personally would not take to a competition or use in the field.

In February 2008, the manufacturer introduced their 30P can, which became the foundation for several subsequent units, including the 30P-1 model (released in 2009). This titanium crafted suppressor is Thunder Beast’s flagship long-range precision rifle can. Sixteen months later, the impressive 338BA silencer was unveiled, providing a high-performance .338 caliber suppressor that effectively suppresses the muzzle blast of the .338 Mag down to levels comparable to suppressed .308 caliber firearms.

2015 was a huge year for the Thunder Beast crew. Their highly successful and popular ULTRA series became available, including the ULTRA 9CB (.30 caliber), ULTRA 9 (6.5), and 338 ULTRA options. Not to be outdone, in early 2016, they produced the 22 Take Down can—a user-serviceable rimfire silencer that offers great versatility and value.

With their reputation growing by the day, Thunder Beast has become a major contributor to the suppressor industry. We at Silencer Shop definitely look forward to other accurate, reliable cans from this innovative manufacturer.