With such an impressive contribution to the suppressor industry as the aforementioned Axiom, Tactical Solutions refuses to rest on their laurels. The distinguished list of their influences on the firearm industry pre- and post-Axiom is inspiring. Luckily for us, they continue to push the envelope.

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TacSol was founded in 2002 as strictly a firearms manufacturer. That same year, one of the owners and his son took it upon themselves to enlighten dealers about the company’s flagship product: the Pac-Lite barrel for the Ruger MK & 22/45 Series pistols. They soon discovered that demand was high and word traveled quickly. Adding colorful and lightweight characteristics to the already accurate barrel brought a personality dynamic to the industry, and TacSol to its forefront.

Since their initial thrust into stardom status, the Boise-based team has designed and crafted some impressive firearm products, including the Trail-Lite barrel for the Browning Buck Mark, X-Ring barrels for 10/22, .22LR conversion for 1911 pistols, complete X-Ring rifles… The list literally goes on and on.

Among their many achievements, TacSol’s first run at a silencer came in 2005 with the release of the Cascade/Cascade Titanium line. With focus back on barrels and conversions, it wasn’t until eight years later the ever-present Axiom was revealed. Talk about revolutionizing the rimfire class of suppressors! Sticking to that theme, the Tactical Solutions XBR .22LR rifle is a thing of beauty. By combining top-notch products—X-Ring barrel and X-Ring receiver—TacSol created an innovative and durable rifle that put the industry on high alert.

To ring-in 2016, the forward-thinking manufacturer offered the masses a second cutting-edge rimfire can—the Ascent. A lighter version of its brother, this silencer offers increased maneuverability at a discounted price. Add it to the list of your TacSol “do-want” products.

The Tactical Solutions team understands that expanding the shooter base is vital to the firearm/suppressor industry. Helping younger generations learn about firearms, silencers, safety, and enjoying the sporting aspect is important to the company as a whole. We can’t wait to see what they unveil next…