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Bowers has been manufacturing suppressors since 1998, and they continue to be one of the most reliable and friendliest companies we work with.

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When they first started out in the suppressor business, Bowers made a name for themselves by focusing on subgun suppressors for weapons like the M11/9, M10/9, and M10/45 - among others.  Like many successful companies, they started by renting space in another manufacturer's shop.  

From the very beginning they were innovators in suppressor manufacturing - and were one of the first companies to use a CNC turning center instead of manual machines.  Their combination of superior manufacturing and friendly customer service turned out to be a potent combination; and, by the end of 1999, they had already manufactured 1.67% of all the suppressors in the national registry (which includes all NFA items manufactured since 1934).

Their early models (like the CAC 9, CAC 380, and CAC 45) continued in production through 2014 - and are still some of the most recognized subgun-specific suppressors ever sold.

Because of the large number of thread pitches Bowers had to deal with, they introduced their first interchangeable insert system, known as ATAS, in 2008.  ATAS was an instant success and was quickly followed up with the Versadapt insert system, and the Vers series of suppressors.

Even though the initial CAC suppressors had been continually improved over the years, Bowers went through a full redesign with the introduction of the Vers replacements.  Everything from the baffles to the finish was improved with the Vers release - and Bowers started to develop a well-deserved reputation for effectively suppressing big-bore calibers in addition to sub-guns.

Their most popular Vers suppressors currently include the: Bowers Vers 458Bowers Vers 50Bowers Vers 9Bowers Vers 9S, and Bowers Vers 45.

In addition to sub-gun and big bore suppressors, Bowers has also spent a considerable amount of time on their rimfire suppressors.  They started out with a full-auto rated CAC 22, and then advanced from there to the Paradigm .22.  By 2010, they had released the first generation of their current USS .22 (User Serviceable Suppressor), which also features the ATAS insert system - making it one of the only .22 suppressors available that natively handles additional thread pitches without the need for an adapter.

Bowers is also known for unique colors: like Snappy Bubble Gum Pink, Royal Purple, Party Blue, and Red Dawn Rose.  If you're looking for a suppressors that 'pops', be sure to take a look at some of these unique colors!

Even though Bowers has been around longer than most existing suppressor companies, they aren't as well known because they've relied almost exclusively on word of mouth instead of advertising.  Their friendly support is second to none - and they continue to support and retrofit the first suppressors that rolled off their line more than 17 years ago.

At the end of the day, if you're looking for a big bore suppressor for an odd caliber, a sub-gun suppressor, or a .22 suppressor that supports multiple thread pitches - then Bowers should be at the top of your list.