Armageddon Gear Mirage Covers

AG Mirage Covers -Multi

Armageddon Gear Suppressor Mirage Covers to remove those pesky heat waves from obscuring your sight picture.

As a shooter, you realize how important a good sight picture is. You may also have heard people say that “silencers turn sound into heat.” That heat can quickly build up and cause mirage that will completely obscure the sight picture (especially through higher power optics), causing the shooter to not be able to see the target through the heat. Armageddon Gear is a company full of shooters like yourself (and a great group of people besides) that make a simple solution to remedy this issue. A sound design, great craftsmanship and top-notch materials are combined in this thermal mirage cover to prevent mirage from hindering your ability to... Read More
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Manufacturer Armageddon Gear
Warranty Lifetime Warranty