Zev Tech Match Grade Barrels for Glock

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The best barrels money can buy now come threaded!

The best barrels money can buy now come threaded!

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    Zev Technologies Match Grade Glock barrels now come with threads!  We cant express how excited we are to be offering the finest Glock barrels for your 9mm's.  These barrels come in two styles: Dimpled or Pro.  They are made from 416R Stainless Steel which is in use for match grade rifle barrels throughout the industry.  416 allows for a super tough chamber (to handle additional pressure cause from a silencer) as well as being highly corrosion resistant.

    These barrels are not just tough, they are machined precisely both inside and out.  The bores are pristine and the outer lugs fit snugly into a factory Glock slide.  Both of these aspects mean that you cannot find a more accurate barrel for your trusty 19, 17 or 34!  The final dimension is held to a +/- 0.0002" deviation for maximum consistency and accuracy out of the box.

    Barrels are "drop-in" fit and do not require a gunsmith as long as you know how to disassemble your Glock for cleaning.  Currently available in 1/2x28 and 9mm only.

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