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    This kit includes bolt assembly, firing pin, cam pin and retainer pin. This version of the bolt is compatible with the JP LRP-07 and the DPMS LR-308 platforms (or clones thereof) only and cannot be used to replace bolts in the Armalite AR-10 platform (or clones thereof).

    WARNING: The JP .308HP bolt does not allow for the use of excessive pressure, overloaded ammunition that exceeds SAAMI specifications. When evaluating new ammunition, always start on the low- to mid-range of any published load data and work up. A good indicator of working pressure is the primer retention on the subsequent loading of a case. A noticeable loss of primer pocket tension indicates that your ammunition has excessive pressure and has overworked the case.

    Package includes bolt assembly, cam pin, firing pin, firing pin retainer pin and instruction sheet.


    • SAE 9310 steel construction for superior resiliency and extended lifespan
    • DLC coating provides extreme surface hardness and lubricity while maintaining a ductile core
    • Near frictionless surface finish
    • Fully compatible with Mil-spec sub-components
    • Increased diameter cam pin hole eliminates most common bolt breakages
    • Improved lug geometry for reduced wear and easier locking/unlocking
    • Enhanced Ejector mitigates head case extrusions and reduces brass smear
    • Enhanced Extractor optimizes extraction function and eliminates common ejection failures
    • Enhanced Gas Ring reduces internal friction and carrier wear while maintaining near indefinite gas seal
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    Manufacturer JP Enterprises
    AR-15 Parts Bolt Carriers
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