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    Dead Air Armament and KNS Precision partnered up to develop the SwitchSight, appropriately named for its ability to switch iron sight orientation based on how your pistol has been accessorized. Mounting a suppressor onto your gun can impede the sight on pistols, but this handy addition makes for an easy switch to an unobstructed view.

    Folding the SwitchSight also allows for ease of holstering with the quick adjustment. This quick adaptation allows for you to choose instead of your set up choosing for you. With a quick flip, you’ll be using your heightened suppressor sights with your red dot, or not, faster than the blink of an eye.

    Finished with black nitride and made from steel, the SwitchSight runs compatibly with Glocks for now, but more pistol models are in queue for debut soon.

    Heavy hitters in their respective realms, KNS Precision gained notoriety for their dependability and resilience, and Dead Air Armament for their aesthetics and durability. KNS’ expertise and proficiency coupled with Dead Air’s manufacturing techniques pertaining to firearm accessories created a dream collaborative team to form the originality and fresh design of the SwitchSight.

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