Please email or TEXT 904-849-7874 and I would be happy to serve you. Thanks to constant telemarketing calls I do not answer the phone unless it is a stored contact. If you do not get a response in 1 business day please contact me again. I am a one man shop and do everything at my company completely alone. Every now and then an email or text will slip by me and it is never my intention to ignore anyone at all. Please understand, I'm just one human doing the jobs of many. My prices seen here on are out-the-door prices. I will never charge you for any part of the transfer for Evlutionz sales that generate on For Evlutionz sales that generate on, I have a fingerprinting kiosk and would be happy to take your photos for you while you are here doing prints. For non-Evlutionz sales (you purchased on from another dealer, even an out of state dealer) I will be happy to fingerprint you and take your photo for Silencer Shop purchases for $40 plus tax ($42.80) for the first person and $30 plus tax ($32.10) for each additional person that is with you at that time. Fingerprinting appointments are available 7 days a week, late evening and night appointments too (I've been here fingerprinting large groups as late as midnight, whatever it takes), just TEXT 904 849 7874 (please do not call, just text) or email and we will coordinate. Notification of silencer arrival and approved Form 4 arrival always happens on the same day or within 24 hours. I am never open, service is by appointment only... and I have more 5 star reviews here than any other dealer in Florida. My reviews were completely unsolicited and it is rewarding to see that my prompt communication and friendly service leaves an impression on my customers. I do things the same way with NFA transfers that do not originate from Silencer Shop. Non-Silencer Shop transfers are $100 plus tax for the first if you are not already in the Silencer Shop system and $75 plus tax for each additional transfer while your information in the Silencer Shop system is valid (usually one year). I am most known for my radically short AK based shotgun builds, but I work on a very wide variety of firearms. It never hurts to email and ask. I do Cerakote and Moly Resin heat cured finishes too. If you have any questions regarding the silencer ownership process, etc. please do not hesitate to contact me. I generally answer emails within 24 hours unless it is the weekend. Evlutionz is a Christian-owned company. Glory to God in all things. Thank you for choosing Evlutionz, 07FFL/02SOT


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