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Why Choose Silencer Shop

    • Explore the benefits of becoming a Powered By Silencer Shop Dealer


What is Powered By Silencer Shop?

    • An explanation of the different dealer programs offered by Silencer Shop


Dealer Loyalty Rewards

    • Find out how Silencer Shop is encouraging your business

Manage Your Dealer Account

    • Check out our handy walkthrough on how to manage your dealer account.

Dealer FAQ's

    • What we hear the most from our dealers

Form 3

Fillable Form 3 Download

Download .pdf  A blank 5320.3 that can be typed on.

 Form 3's are SOT to SOT transfer applications.


Form 4

Fillable Form 4 Download

 Form 4's are SOT to Individual, Trust or Corporation transfer aplications.

 Current as of July 2016


ATF Form 23

Fillable Form 23 Download

Download .pdf A blank 5320.23 that can be typed on.

 Form 23's are the new (July 2016) "Responsible Person" forms.


 Current as of July 2016

How To Sell Silencers

How To Sell Silencers

The easiest way to buy silencers, period.