YHM Integral 10/22 Suppressed Barrel

SS-YHM 1022 Barrel -Multi

An integrated suppressed barrel for your Ruger 10/22!

An integrated suppressed barrel for your Ruger 10/22!

Discontinued Discontinued
  • Product Description

    If on the prowl for a cutting-edge way to seamlessly suppress your 10/22 rimfire rifle, Yankee Hill Machine’s Integral Suppressed Barrel to the rescue! The barrel is a standard 10/22 bull barrel (.92” diameter) to the naked eye, but the front endcap accepts a hexagonal tool for removal of the monocore baffle stack (designed using Sound Tech’s patented construction for ease of servicing and maximum sound reduction) from the barrel itself. Moreover, said barrel is a single piece of durable stainless steel, so there are no concerns with seams/gaps or color/diameter mismatches. Essentially, the suppressor is threaded into the barrel via the hex adaptor for easy insertion, removal, and maintenance.

    Massachusetts-based YHM is a respected and experienced all-things-firearm manufacturer. With a bevy of quality products to offer gun enthusiasts, their ability to design the durable, user-friendly Integral Suppressed Barrel is no surprise. If wanting to revamp your 10/22 rifle into a world-class, sleek, and quiet unit, look no further. (Its reduced price tag might help persuade you, too.)

    Rapid Fire

    • Full-auto rated!
    • Weight: 2.2 pounds
    • Length: 18”
    • Build material: stainless steel
    • Finish: matte black or brushed stainless options available
    • Watch our video demonstration for details (Videos tab)

    What’s In the Box?

    • Proprietary tool for monocore baffle removal
    • User manual

    What Are the Critics Saying?

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    Manufacturer Yankee Hill Machine
    Product Flags Discontinued
    Weight 2.2 lbs
    Warranty Lifetime Warranty
  • Product comparsion

    YHM Integral 10/22 Suppressed Barrel

    YHM Integral 10/22 Suppressed Barrel

    Weight2.2 lbs
    Caliber.22 LR
    Caliber Rating.22 LR
    Build MaterialStainless Steel
    Sound ReductionNA
    Mount StyleNA
    Thread PitchNA
    User ServiceableYes
    Full-Auto RatedFull-Auto Rated
    WarrantyLifetime Warranty
    Min 300Blk BarrelNA
    Min 762 BarrelNA
    Min Magnum BarrelNA
    Min 556 BarrelNA
    Product Status
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