AAC Ti-Rant Triad 3-Lug Adapter

AAC 64254
A 3-Lug Adapter for Ti-Rant Series Silencers

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A 3-Lug Adapter for Ti-Rant Series Silencers
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    The Ti-RANT TRIAD® is an adapter that adds an additional element of versatility to Ti-RANT® series silencers by enabling users to quickly and easily install a Ti-RANT® onto the lugged barrel of an H&K MP-5 sub-machine gun or any fixed-barrel 9mm caliber host equipped with a lugged barrel or lugged adapter manufactured to duplicate the dimensions of the lugged H&K barrel. The Ti-RANT TRIAD® replaces the A.S.A.P. System in the rear of the Ti-RANT® series silencer and can be installed or removed in seconds. The Ti-RANT TRIAD® is constructed of heat treated 17-4 stainless steel and features a durable and corrosion resistant matte black nitride finish. Users can easily disassemble the Ti-RANT TRIAD® with no tools to perform cleaning and/or maintenance.

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