AAC Ti-RANT Fixed Barrel Spacer

AAC Fixed Barrel Spacer
For Ti-Rant, EVO, and ECO pistol suppressors
For Ti-Rant, EVO, and ECO pistol suppressors
Discontinued Discontinued
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    AAC Ti-RANT Fixed Barrel Spacer - for Ti-Rant, EVO, and ECO pistol suppressors. Most modern pistols employ a system of operation where the barrel and slide are locked together to contain the pressure of discharging a cartridge. In these systems it is necessary for the barrel to move within the frame, either in a straight line or with a tilting motion. The A.S.A.P. System used in the Ti-Rant, EVO, and ECO series takes the weight of the silencer off the barrel, allowing it to move and the host pistol to function in a normal semi-automatic fashion. On weapons with non-moving barrels the A.S.A.P. System is not necessary and may actually damage the firearm. The fixed barrel weapon spacer replaces the driving spring in the A.S.A.P. System and allows users to safely use their Ti-Rant, EVO, or ECO series silencer on host firearms with non-moving barrels.
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    Product Flags Discontinued
    Manufacturer AAC
    Supp Model For Accessories AAC Ti-Rant 45, AAC Ti-Rant 45S, AAC Ti-Rant 9, AAC Ti-Rant 9S
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    AAC Ti-RANT 45 Suppressor on a M&P 9

    Tactical Gun Review tests the AAC Ti-Rant 45. You may be considering that you only have a 9mm and don’t currently own a .45 pistol. That is fine, get a dedicated 9mm suppressor if you want to. However, don’t we all need/want more guns? Who is to say that you won’t acquire a .45 down the road?

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