As the year draws to an end, we wanted to get a general feel for which suppressors dazzled us the most in 2016. To do so, we surveyed our knowledgeable Silencer Shop staff to gather which cans stood out over the past 12 months. By no means are our findings scientific (in fact, they are solely opinion-based), but they do shed some light into what our guys and gals prefer in terms of silencer performance, price, accuracy, physical attributes (e.g., weight, length), and so forth. 2016 Staff Picks With so many impressive and effective options in each silencer category, it is nearly impossible to focus on just a few, but the results are in and have been verified. If on the fence about your next suppressor purchase, hopefully this is a useful tool.


Rimfire Silencers

The rimfire category brings us our one and only tie, so the survey kicks off with a (suppressed) bang! This classification undoubtedly has an amazing group of cans to choose from, but two grabbed co-top billing in our crew’s minds.

1a. Tactical Solutions Axiom

A long-time favorite of ours and shooters nationwide, the Axiom is the complete package: super quiet (40 dB sound reduction), lightweight (6 ounces), durable (titanium; stainless steel), and one of the easiest rimfire cans to disassemble and clean (user-serviceable). Not to mention, the Axiom is full-auto rated (.22LR thru 5.7x28 calibers). Throw in its appealing price point, and it stands to reason why this Tactical Solutions model is highly regarded.
TacSol Axiom


1b. Q El Camino

Although a late arrival to 2016, Q made a huge splash with the recent release of their El Camino can. Performance-wise, El Camino truly impressed our team. Its sound suppression is remarkable, and because it weighs only 4.3 ounces, its maneuverability is top-notch. Kevin Brittingham and his talented squad unleashed a highly-effective .22 caliber beauty to the masses. El Camino’s stainless steel build and full-auto capability merely add to its already legendary status.
Q El Camino

Honorable mention: Bowers USS 22

Pistol Silencers

In the pistol category, a particular silencer garnered more attention than the other amazing units. Without further ado, the Silencer Shop Golden Can award goes to…
  1. Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 45

This full-auto belt-fed rated suppressor epitomizes versatility in its classification. Modular in design, the Obsidian 45 offers both full (8.7”) and shorter K (6.7”) configurations to meet the shooter’s purpose. Its sound suppression was repeatedly described as “insanely quiet” throughout our survey, and that speaks volumes to the can’s effectiveness. The ability to use replaceable .45 caliber and 9mm endcaps also enhances its adaptability, which is a prime reason the Obsidian 45 tops our impromptu list.
Rugged Obsidian

Honorable mention: AAC Illusion 9


Rifle Silencers

A true reflection of the overall greatness in both 5.56mm and 7.76mm rifle categories, many silencers were referenced by our team, but one was the overwhelming favorite across the board. And, the winner is…
  1. Sig Sauer SRD762 QD

The Silencer Shop workforce enjoys the entire Sig Sauer line of cans, but this all-stainless steel and quick-detach option in the 7.62mm rifle grouping stands apart from the pack. Utilizing a unique and effortless mounting system, the SRD762 QD suppressor is not only quiet, it is also accurate with minimal blowback. Suppression and precision result in this silencer being a company favorite. Not to mention, the price is really right.
Sig SRD762-QD

Honorable mention: Griffin Armament Optimus


Other Products

  1. Zev Tech Match Grade Glock Barrels
Our crew has a crush, and we whole-heartedly blame Zev Tech for this predicament. By offering their Match Grade Glock barrels with threads, the Silencer Shop staff had no other choice but to fall head-over-boots. In addition to being threaded, these stainless steel Glock barrels are available in dimpled and pro styles. Utilized by almost all of our team members, the high praise for these durable and accurate Zev Tech masterpieces was substantial in our survey.
ZevTech Barrels

Honorable mention: YHM 65-Year Anniversary Combo


Survey Wrap-Up

All-in-all, the various suppressors available from our cutting-edge manufacturers are all winners. To look at the glass as half-full, that is one of the benefits of our highly-regulated industry; the lengthy process means that there is no room for “less than suitable” products.  The end user simply won’t stand for a subpar product if they had to wait months to pick it up! These survey results are an informal way to provide our faithful customers feedback – in the form of personal opinions of our staff – in hopes of making your silencer buying experience as enjoyable as possible. If we overlooked any cans that jump out to you, please feel free to submit recommendations in the below “Reply” section. We would really appreciate hearing opinions from each and every one of you as well.  Happy pew-pewing in 2017!