ATF Paperwork
Did you know the average NFA dealer has a 15% error rate when submitting Form 4 paperwork?  That means almost 1 in 7 applications have errors that end up causing unnecessary delays or disapprovals. Have you heard stories of approvals that took 2+ years when everybody else was getting theirs in just a few months? Do you know somebody who purchased a suppressor, only to have the dealer go out of business before it got approved? We're the first to admit that we've run into all the same issues as everybody else.

So, Why is Silencer Shop different?

At Silencer Shop, we submit more NFA paperwork than anybody else in the country using our innovative Powered By Silencer Shop program. Over the years, we've seen what works - as well as what doesn't; and, we've learned the hard lessons from our mistakes.  In fact, every time we messed up, we sat down to figure out how to prevent that issue from occurring again. As a result, our error rate has steadily dropped; and, you can typically count our error letters on one hand each week - even with thousands of submitted forms. We've been able to achieve this impressive success rate by combining computer automation with an experienced staff of NFA experts - who carefully review every customer's information before it gets submitted.

How do our customers benefit?

When you purchase a silencer from Silencer Shop, using our Powered By Silencer Shop program, you know your paperwork will be done right since it's being processed by the most experienced team of NFA experts in the country! When we do the paperwork, your Silencer Shop purchase is fully Guaranteed By Silencer Shop.  You can rest easy because we promise to take care of you - even if your local dealer goes out of business during the transfer process. We carefully track every single transfer to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and that every transfer is being submitted quickly and accurately.  In fact we actually run reports on our reports. :) We keep you updated throughout the transfer process - including notifying you when the tax stamp check gets cashed, or your order ships. We take this business seriously, and you can trust that we'll be here to answer your questions throughout the entire process - and beyond.