Over the last couple of days we've spent a lot of time shooting the SWR Octane 45 HD using both .45 and 9mm weapons and ammunition.  We are also going to post a video with some of the results; but, I figured we should document them here as well. In order to cover all the different things we tested, I'm going to break this review into sections; but, I always avoid assigning a specific ranking or score since everybody has different needs and will often rank the same product differently.

.45 Unsuppressed

We were shooting a Sig P220 with 230gr .45 ammo. Here are the numbers for our 5 round unsuppressed string: 161.6 dB, 161.5 dB, 161.7 dB, 161.7 dB, 161.5 dB Avg: 161.6 dB Median: 161.6 dB

.45 Dry Suppression

The Octane 45 HD is one of only a small handful of .45 suppressors that can be shot dry and still be hearing safe.  That makes it an excellent choice if you don't want to deal with the hassle of shooting a suppressor 'wet'. 138.7 dB, 137.8 dB, 133.7 dB, 135.7 dB, 134.1 dB Avg: 136.0 dB Median: 135.7 dB

.45 Wet Suppression

Even though it can be shot dry and be hearing safe, you can still get better performance when shooting wet.  We used about 2 teaspoons of water in the rear of the suppressor for this test. It's messier; but, if you want to impress your friends - this is a seriously quiet combination! 122.9 dB, 128.3 dB, 121.8 dB, 123.8 dB, 123.4 dB Avg: 124.04 dB Median: 123.4 dB

9mm Supersonic Unsuppressed

We were shooting a Glock 19 with 124gr supersonic ammo. Here are the numbers for our 5 round unsuppressed string: 159.9 dB, 160.0 dB, 159.8 dB, 159.9 dB, 160.1 dB Avg: 159.94 dB Median: 159.9 dB

9mm Supersonic Suppression

As a general rule, a top-of-the-line .45 suppressor (like the Octane 45 HD) will suppress about the same as a bottom-of-the-line 9mm suppressor.  The biggest difference is always on the first round pop; but, the rest of the numbers are within about 3-4 dB of what we would expect from a 9mm suppressor with the same ammunition. 136.0 dB, 130.8 dB, 133.4 dB, 132.3 dB, 133.3 dB Avg: 166.45 dB Median: 133.3 dB

9mm Subsonic Unsuppressed

We were shooting a Glock 19 with 147gr subsonic ammo. Here are the numbers for our 5 round unsuppressed string: 158.5 dB, 159.3 dB, 159.1 dB, 158.8 dB, 159.3 dB Avg: 159.0 dB Median: 159.1 dB

9mm Subsonic Suppression

In this case, we were within a couple of dB of what we would expect from a 9mm suppressor - except for the first round pop. 135.7 dB, 129.8 dB, 131.4 dB, 129.7 dB, 128.4 dB Avg: 131.0 dB Median: 129.8 dB

9mm Wet Suppression

We din't get the same incredible results that we got with the .45 shooting wet; but, it does make enough of a difference to get it just a bit quieter than a 9mm suppressor would have been. 126.3 dB, 125.7 dB, 126.5 dB, 124.4 dB, 126.3 dB Avg: 125.84 dB Median: 126.3 dB

Ease of Maintenance

When it comes to ease of maintenance, the Octane 45 is probably the simplest .45 suppressor on the market.  It uses the new click-together baffle system from Silencerco/SWR - which allows the suppressor to come apart like a monocore suppressor, while providing performance that is closer to a K-Baffle design. If you're planning on shooting unjacketed/cast ammo, or .22 rimfire, then I would highly recommend the Octane 45 since it is currently the best fit for that application.


When it comes to flexibility, both the 9mm and .45 Octane suppressors are at the top of the pack.  They have both piston and fixed mount options for just about anything you would want to mount it to.  On top of that, there is an available 3-lug mount; and, there is the possibility of an Uzi barrel nut mount in the future as well.


Overall, the Octane 45 HD is among the top .45 suppressors currently on the market.  It holds its own against both the Silencerco Osprey 45 and the AAC Ti-RANT 45 - giving users another .45 option that is hearing safe when used dry.