innovation_series_v1_1200x800 Every year we see lots of great new suppressor models announced at SHOT, but we don't really get to see what works, what sells, and what flops until the end of summer. This year was an interesting one for suppressors because we saw several innovative products; from both new and existing companies, that have dramatically improved suppressors in various ways. Companies like Sig Silencers, Griffin, and Rugged have hit the ground with models that are quickly becoming shop favorites.  (It's always interesting to see what the guys here take to the range on their own time when they have access to pretty much everything :).) Instead of covering everything in one article, we're going to write multiple articles about the models & technology we've been most impressed with. In this series, we're going to focus on new & innovative products that are solving real problems instead of 'Me-Too' or 'Gimmicky' products that seem to pop up every year. Some of the products we're going to cover include:
  • Sig Silencers is redefining what we expect from rifle suppressors with their SRD762Ti-QD
  • Rugged has released what is, quite possibly, the most flexible compression-mount suppressor currently on the market
  • AAC is shipping the Illusion 9, which offers an offset design that truly is compatible with factory sights
  • Gemtech is coming on strong with their GM series suppressors
  • Griffin introduced their modular Revolution suppressors, which are perfect for both range and home defense
Stay tuned as we dig into the technical details of these products, and more, to show how & why they work!