A bill that would make silencer ownership legal in Vermont is going before the Governor Peter Shumlin, thanks to the work of Vermont State Rep. Patrick Brennan and the American Suppressor Association. Rep. Brennan has led the fight for Vermont residents to have the right to own silencers. He worked with State Sen. John Rogers to insert a special provision into hunting bill H.5 last Friday that would allow the use of silencers by individuals in accordance with federal law. The bill specifically allows for silencer use at a shooting range only, not for hunting. The bill passed both the Senate and House last week by a large margin. If H.5 is signed by Governor Shumlin, it would take effect immediately. While we expect Governor Shumlin will sign the bill, we ask that you take a minute and contact him to express your support for this bill. You can reach Governor Shumlin at: http://governor.vermont.gov/contact-us  Lastly, if you haven’t joined the ASA please take a moment and consider donating. The ASA fights for your rights and is a unified voice in the suppressor industry: http://store.americansuppressorassociation.com/