I have to admit it. I lucked out. My wife is a lovely self-possessed woman at the height of her field with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and knowledge. She’s also an avid shooter. Or at least, she is now. Don’t get me wrong. My wife has always liked to shot to the extent that I liked to shoot. It was something we could do together. And while she enjoyed our time at the range, she always sort of viewed it as my thing that she was happy to take some time to share in. Then, one day, I took her to the range with a Sig Sauer P220 and a Silencerco Osprey 45. Her immediate response after emptying one magazine, “Honey, I gotta have one of these!” Music to my ears. According to current data, women ages 25-60 represent the fastest growing demographic in the firearms industry. In spite of this trend, very few firearms or firearm accessories are specifically marketed to women. We’ve all seen pink guns but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about products specifically designed for and marketed to women to enhance their over-all shooting performance and experience. I got to thinking about my wife’s experience and it all makes perfect sense. For many women, the discharge of .45 ACP is like a small hand-held explosion of noise and recoil. A silencer makes it sound and feel like a high-pressure air gun. I thought to myself, “I bet a lot of women would love shooting with a silencer.” So I set us up with a few events designed specifically to get some cans into the hands of female shooters and gauge their reaction. Most recently, we were graciously invited to demo some suppressors at Austin SureShots Women’s Pistol League. These ladies tried out silencers in a variety of calibers and the results were unanimous: A silencer is the ‘it’ accessory for any girls range bag! So if you’re a guy who’s just fresh out of gift ideas for the Wife, girlfriend, Sister, Mom, or whomever that special lady in your life may be, give some consideration to your wife’s pistol that roars like a howitzer and kicks like a mule! Or, if you’re a woman that’s looking for a way to reduce the noise and recoil of your gun and improve your overall accuracy, give some serious consideration to purchasing a silencer. It might just be the best accessory for your firearm that you ever bought! If you’d like more information on Austin Sure Shots Women’s Pistol League visit them at http://www.redsguns.com/sureshots.html