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Lightweight, Modular Sound Suppression For Your 22LR: The Rugged Mustang 22

What is the best suppressor for 22LR? When you’re shooting .22 LR and want optimal sound suppression in one of the lightest silencers on the market, you should check out the Rugged Suppressors Mustang 22. The modular Rugged Mustang22 is versatile in length: 3.4” in short configuration and 5.3” in full.


Whether you’re target shooting or varmint hunting, you may be wondering how much is a 22 suppressor worth? The Mustang 22 has an MSRP of $465 and is one of the lightest and quietest rimfire suppressors. The Rugged Mustang is amazingly light at  2.4 ounces in short configuration and 3.3 ounces in full configuration and built from one construction of 7075 aluminum and titanium. Is the Rugged Mustang rated for full auto? Yes, the durable construction of the Mustang 22 allows this suppressor to be rated for full-auto while sounding as quiet as a staple gun.

If you’re looking for a reliable, lightweight, modular suppressor for 22LR, you should consider the Mustang 22 by Rugged Suppressors. You’ll have the piece of mind of knowing the Mustang is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty, which has been a building block in the solid reputation that Rugged Suppressors has earned since their inception in 2014. At Silencer Shop, Rugged’s complete line of suppressors are available, including the Oculus, Razor 7.26, and Obsidian 9, and customers have lauded every Rugged suppressor with near-perfect 5 out of 5 star reviews. For hearing safe shooting with your 22LR, checkout Rugged’s Mustang 22 at Silencer Shop.

Rugged Suppressors Mustang 22 Video Overview

Rugged Suppressors Mustang 22 Specifications

22lr pistol silencer rugged mustang 22 overview

Rugged ADAPT™ Modular Technology

Constructed of Grade 5 titanium and 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum

Available in Black or FDE high temp Cerakote® finish

MSRP: $465 (find it on Silencer Shop’s online silencer store HERE for the best suppressor prices and help with how to buy and register your silencer)


Rugged Mustang 22 vs Rugged Oculus 22

How does the Rugged Mustang 22 compare to the Rugged Oculus 22? The Mustang is more than 50% lighter than the Oculus in full configuration.


Rugged Mustang

Rugged Oculus

SilencerCo Warlock


Full: 5.3”

Short: 3.4”

Full: 5.25”

Short: 3.25”



Full: 3.3 oz

Short: 2.4 oz

Full: 6.9 oz

Short: 4.3 oz

3 oz





Build Materials

Aircraft-grade aluminum, titanium

17-4 Stainless steel



High Temp Cerakote®

Black & FDE

High Temp Cerakote®

Black & FDE

Hardcoat Anodize

Caliber Rating/Rated for Use On


22LR, 22 WMR, 17 HMR, 17 WSM, 5.7x28mm


Attachment/Thread Pitch


1/2x28 Direct Thread


1/2x28 Direct Thread


1/2x28 Direct Thread


Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

User serviceable




Full-Auto Rated




Frequently Asked Questions about the Rugged Mustang 22

Question: How do I use the Rugged Mustang 22? 

Answer: For the best balance of suppressor sound, length, and weight, we’d generally recommend running your Mustang in full configuration on handguns and short configuration on rifles.


Question: Is the Rugged Mustang 22 full-auto rated?

Answer: Yes! The Rugged Mustang 22 is full-auto rated.


Question: What are the Mustang 22’s barrel length restrictions?

Answer: The Mustang 22 has no barrel length restrictions.


Question: How do I buy the Rugged Mustang 22?

Answer: Silencer Shop is here to help with all of your NFA and silencer ownership questions. We’re available from  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CT Monday through Friday via phone at 512-931-4556, online chat at, and email at Or visit a Powered By Silencer Shop Dealer.